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david henry do have a facebook profile hope it help

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โˆ™ 2011-10-20 15:23:00
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Q: Does David Henrie Have Facebook?
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Does David Henrie has a Facebook account?

yes David Henrie does have a facebook account.Just go to the search box and type in his name and you will find it.

Is is David Henrie or Henry?

It is spelled "David Henrie".

Does David Henrie have a daughter?

No, David Henrie does not have any children.

How old is David Henrie now?

david Henrie is 20.

Does David Henrie have a Skype?

yes david Henrie has a skype!

David Henrie wizards of Waverly place?

'''''Yes David Henrie is on wizards of Waverly place. David Henrie is:Justin'''''

Is David Henrie on Facebook?

David Henrie does have a facebook but he said nobody will guess it because he talks with his family from Italy and stuff. I know his facebook account, but he has a different name there, so it's not easy to find him. You'll only be able to guess who he is from his Info, and if you don't know his favourite show and stuff, you won't recognize him.

Who is older Selena gomez or David Henrie?

David Henrie is 22 and Selena Gomez is 19, so David Henrie is older.

When was David Henrie born?

david Henrie was born on July 11, 1989

When is David Henrie birthday?

David Henrie was born on July 11

How old its David Henrie?

david Henrie is 21 years old

What hand does David Henrie write with?

David Henrie writes with his Left Hand!!!

Is David Henrie alive?

As of November 2011, David Henrie is still alive.

When and where was David Henrie born?

David Henrie Was born in Los Angelees and he is 22.

How does David Henrie keep his hair up?

It is not known how David Henrie keeps his hair spiky. David Henrie is an actor who has appeared in How I Meet Your Mother.

Does David Henrie and Lorenzo Henrie have a younger brother?


What country is David Henrie from?

David Henrie is from America. He was born in Mission Viejo, California.

Do david Henrie love Selena Gomez?

That is something only David Henrie knows

Is David Henrie a Muslim?

No, David Henrie is Christian. He stated that he was born Christian and that is what he will always be.

Does david Henrie love Selena gomez?

David Henrie and Selena Gomez are only friends.

Is david Henrie 20 years old?

David Henrie is not 20 years old ,okay!

Who is David Henrie crush?

David Henrie doesn't like anyone if he did it would probably be his girlfriend!

Does David Henrie have siblings?

David has one younger brother, Lorenzo James Henrie who is also an actor.

Does David Henrie have a six pack?

yes david Henrie has six packs infact he has " eight"!

Does David Henrie have any tatoos?

David Henrie has 2 tattoos on each of his arms and they are the bible script.