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Girl you are blessed because I have the honest solution. I dreaded my stretch marks. Always wear jeans and can ever wear a bathing suit. So I did my research. nothing alone works this solution may cost money but it will minimize your stretch marks so much it won't even look like its thee 1. Pray about it 2. Buy Trilastin sr its 80 or 90 dollars but it'll work 3. Buy plastic wrap 4. Buy olive oil 5. Buy derma roller 6. Buy Merderma 7. Buy cocoa butter 8. Buy elastin3 9. Emu oil Now if you don't do all of those then it's no hope......don't forget to pray to god because if you don't it won't work as well as it could... now how to put it on First pray to Jesus that this will be the first and the last thing you need to do. Second buy Trilastin sr but don't use it until you buy the derma roller. Now start using the derma roller and use it after you get out the shower twice a day after rub in Trilastin sr twice a day after each time you use the derma roller don't forget. At night time after you finish using the derma roller and finish rubbing the Trilastin SR in get plastic wrap and wrap it around your stretch area over night. Repeat this every day ok don't skip a day. It sounds funny but it works. Then after a month of doing this you're Trilastin sr will be almost all out so now go and buy elastin3 and olive oil. Now start rubbing the elastin3 in without the derma roller and after a week of using only the elastin3 start using the olive oil. Rub the elastin3 in your stretch area and leave it alone for about 3 hours. Then rub the olive oil in. after your almost out of the elastin3 over like 3 week period buy emu oil and Merderma. Now use as directed above. Don't use one after the other just put Merderma on then wait 3 hours then use emu oil. This sounds pricey I know all of the prices Trilastin sr-90 dollars Elastin3-80 Emu oil-20 Plastic wrap-5 0r 10 dollars Merderma-5 Olive oil-7 Derma roller-5-112 dollars depends on where you buy it Cocoa butter-7-10 dollars High cost is no more than 450 for all this unless you already have some of the products. Now you have to use all of this not only some trust me I should know ok this will definitely help I promise!!!

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There are no significant evidences that shows the Dermasal has 100% effect on stretch mark. You can use other medication like contractubex or Mederma cream.

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Q: Does Dermasal work to hide stretch marks?
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Does Revitagen for stretch marks actually work?

Does Revitagen really work for stretch marks?

Does strivection work on stretch marks?

StriVectin does indeed work on stretch marks. About 93% of women said that they saw a significant improvement on the appearance of their stretch marks.

How does stretch mark cream allow stretch marks to go away?

Stretch mark cream does not really work as stretch marks are result from damage below the skin's surface. Putting a cream on top of the skin will help it's appearance as it will moisturize it, but will not remove stretch marks.

Will a stretch mark treatment work for old marks?

A new stretch mark treatment may be able to work on old marks. It depens how well the treatment works or how in depth it is. If it is a trick to cover them up it shold work. There are several options on the market that can help reduce stretch marks. Nothing has been proven to completely get rid of them.

Do stretch marks pregnancy creams really work?

Stretch mark creams for pregnancy will help to moisten your skin. However, there are none that will work fully.

Does bio oil work?

Bio Oil is good at reducing the appearance of scars and stretch marks. Use it daily with a moisturizer and scars and stretch marks will gradually fade.

Will scar cream improve the look of stretch marks also?

Yes. Stretch marks are essentially a type of scarring themselves and any scar cream should work to lighten them. A good one is Mederma.

Your son was born in 2003 and had stretch marks since then.will it work?

Will what work? Please rewrite your question and say what "it" is.

How do you get rid of stretch marks on your belly?

Vitamin E oil has shown to be effective for reduction in stretch marks. However, the sooner it is applied after stretch marks appear, the more effective it is. It tends to work best for stretch marks caused by pregnancy (as opposed to obesity).For additional information on stretchmarks removal options, check the links under the Sources and related links section below.

Will stretch marks on your breast go away?

Only if you work out and if you regularly use body cream

What stretch mark creams really work?

None. Sorry, but it's true. No cream will remove stretch marks. Stretch marks form in the dermis (the lower layers of skin)... applying creams to your skin (the epidermis) is going to have no effect on your stretch marks, because the creams simply cannot penetrate that far down into your skin to come into contact with the stretch marks.

Can stretch mark cream really remove stretch marks?

Revamin Stretch Mark is an advanced cream that helps reduce the appearance of stretch marks. The cosmetic contains extracts, vitamins and oils that improve the condition of the skin on the abdomen, thighs, buttocks and arms. The natural formula of the product makes it safe for the skin and does not cause side effects. Bay

Does elastin3 work for stretch marks?

i have been using it for a week and a half and i see improvement sooo YES!

How do i lose stretch marks without surgery They are old marks so no prevention tips please.?

Many lotions, especially those with Vitamin E, have shown to lose stretch marks without surgery. This can be used after the marks have already become old, but work best when they are new, and therefore you don't need to worry as much about prevention.

How can one reduce the appearance of stretch marks?

There are many great ways of reducing the visual appearance of stretch marks, including moisturizers, but you may want to look to more immediate options, such as laser surgery. You can speak with your family physician for guidance on what will work best for you!

Does vaseline get rid of stretch marks?

I personally think that cocoa butter DOES NOT work. I use apricot scrub, vaseline intesive rescue lotion and regular non sented vaseline. My stretch marks have improved greatly, I love using these things. And I also have them badly, and it has been 5 months since I first got them and now they are going away alot, and turning whiter, blending with my skin color. Also tan helps turn the stretch marks to YOUR no stretch marks need more than moisture to heal

What is stretch-marking caused from?

It is caused by a stretching of the skin in a short amount of time. Many growing teens tend to get stretch marks, pregnant women, and men who tend to work out religiously.

Does Mederma really work for stretch marks?

Yes, Mederma really work for stretch marks. Start applying as soon as possible. It will work on old as well as new stretch mark. Apply daily 2 times for at least 8 weeks for new stretch mark and up to 3 to 4 months for old scars. It is best cram to get rid from the stretch mark.Buy Mederma online

Does Vicks vaporub work on stretch marks?

Yea if You massage it in it worked for me i just have been doing it every night before bed :)

Does cocoa butter remove stretch marks?

It supposedly does. It works pretty well but it is not a prescription and is not surgical so it might not work for all

Will body scrub get rid of stretch marks?

i don't think so but you could try it and if it doesn't work definitely use cocoa butter

Can Sunlight fade stretch Marks?

Yes. Sunlight therapies are able to fade the stretch marks but it will require some massage with olive oil.

Does prefer-on work on stretch marks?

I didn't really notice a difference on my stretch marks, however, I did notice a slight improvement on my 2 year old son's scar. He got stitches on his face and I immediately used it and it did seem to almost disappear. Whether or not it was the Prefer-on or just young healthy skin that healed well is unknown. I truly think the only way to really improve stretch marks would be to get laser treatments done by a plastic surgeon. Sorry, but hope it helps!

Does somebody here use rejene creme for stretch marks Does it work?

Yes I've used rejene for a month and it did nothing. I just wasted my money!

Does trilastin work for stretch marks?

Trilastin is a stretch mark cream that has been getting lots of reviews lately from its effectiveness in treating stretch marks. The ingredients used to make Trilastin is very different from other stretch mark creams in the market. Atelocollagen, hydrolyzed collagen, and hydrolyzed elastinare the key ingredients that help to reduce appearance of stretch marks. The company manufacturing Trilasting offers a 30-day money back guarantee for using it if you don't see any results within 30 days. Use of "Filling Spheres Technology" and Virtual patch further improve the appearance of stretch marks. It is safe for use in pregnant mums as well. So does it work? Yes it does but it does not completely remove it. But definitely, makes it less visible, in fact much more than any other stretch mark cream on the market. I hope this answers your question.