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Hello, Disney offers very limited discounts on its park admission -- that applies to Blizzard Beach as well as any other major or minor parks or attractions. You may be able to locate a discount through a ticket service. If you are going to Disney World and plan to purchase the Magic Your Way ticket -- and you plan to visit Blizzard Beach and one other water park or DisneyQuest -- you'll get the best bang for the buck by buying the Water Park Fun and More Option. The pricing is a little complicated, but it's worthwhile looking at. Let me know if you need any more information. Anne

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Q: Does Disney's Blizzard Beach offer a military discount?
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Should you go to Blizzard Beach or Typhoon Lagoon?

Blizzard Beach!

When was Disney's Blizzard Beach created?

Disney's Blizzard Beach was created in 1995.

Does blizzard beach provide towels?

Yes, Blizzard Beach provides towels. Of course, you have to return them.

In what park is blizzard beach?

Blizzard Beach is a water park in Disney World. It is so fun! Fun Fact: The tallest slide in Blizzard Beach is called Summit Plummet!

What is the world's fastest free fall speed slide called?

Disneys Blizzard Beach water park, located in Florida, features one of the worlds tallest, fastest free-fall speed slides

Is blizzard beach awesome?


What rides are scary for kids?

Blizzard Beach

What is the fastest water slide?

it is not the waterslide at blizzard beach!!!

What water parks does Disney own?

Blizzard beach

Is there real slush in Blizzard Beach?

No, there is no slush in Blizzard Beach. The designers and constructors just made the park with an icy theme. (Note: The ice and slush you see is fake.)

How tall is summit plummet at blizzard beach?

The summit plummet at blizzard beach is about 37 metres high (36.6m). It is the second highest plummet-style waterslide in the world, after the Insano.

What time does blizzard beach open?

it opens at 10 a.m.

What waterparks are at Disney World?

Blizzard Beach and Typhoon Lagoon

Is Typhoon Lagoon Blizzard Beach or Aquatica Orlando better?

I have been to all 3 and I would have to say 1. AQUATICA 2. TYPHOON LAGOON a very close 2nd 3. BLIZZARD BEACH

Is Disney Blizzard Beach in Disney World Florida?

Yes it is. I was there. Its pretty nice.

What is the best waterpark in Orlando FL?

Wet n Wild or Blizzard Beach

When did Disney open blizzard beach water park?

April 1, 1995

What are the names of the two water parks at Disney World?

Blizzard Beach and Typhoon Lagoon

What are the 2 main water parks at Disney World?

typhoon lagoon and blizzard beach

How far is Blizzard Beach from Wet 'n' Wild?

14 miles.

Which is better typhoon lagoon or blizzard beach?

By looking at reviews and by personal experience I would say Blizzard Beach has good slides, but Typhoon Lagoon has a better wave pool, and pretty good slides, so I would pick Typhoon Lagoon.

When did Blue Beach Military Cemetery at San Carlos happen?

Blue Beach Military Cemetery at San Carlos happened in 1982.

Where is Grand Discount Furniture located?

Grand Discount Furniture is located in southeastern Virginia and has several different locations. Their in locations are in Virginia Beach, Western Beach, Norfolk, Greenbrier, Oyster Point, and Hampton.

Which water park is better Typhoon Lagoon or Blizzard Beach?

This question is difficult to answer. Both parks have their own merits. Typhoon Lagoon is a little more thrill oriented. It has a water coaster, a huge wave pool, and you can even swim with sharks. Blizzard Beach has more for younger kids. It does have a few thrills though. One of the tallest water slides in the world is at Blizzard Beach. This is really something you need to decide after looking at their websites and deciding what you like.

Where is Blizzard beach located in Florida?

It is located at the Walt Disney World Resort in Bay Lake, Florida.