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Does Dylan Sprouse likes Ashley Tisdale?

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Do Cole Sprouse like Sabrina Bryan and Ashley Tisdale?

no he does not. Sabrina Bryan has no boyfriend. and Ashley Tisdale likes Zac efron

Does Dylan Sprouse like Catholic girls?

Dylan sprouse likes catholic girls and nuns

What does Ashley Tisdale like to do?

Ashley Tisdale likes to Play on Moshi Monsters and lets her fans be her friends

Does Ashley Tisdale likes cakes?

Yes, She likes sweets...

Does Dylan Sprouse likes girls in her 13?

dose Dylan and cole sprouse like girls in there 13 and 14s

What band does Dylan Sprouse likes?

i know both Dylan and cole like SYSTEM OF A DOWN and Dylan likes BLINK 182 AND WEEZER

Why does Zac kiss Ashley?

because he likes Ashley tisdale and soon to be zashley <3

What does Dylan Sprouse like in a girl?

Dylan Sprouse just wants a girl to like him for him and not because he is on a T.V.show. He also likes down to earth girls and girls who are laid-back. We are NAWT talking about Dylan Sprouse, we are talking about Dylan Marvil from the CLIQUE series!!

Did zac go out with ashely tisdale?

There's no problem,coz ashley tisdale likes zac as her brother

Why do Hannah likes Dylan Sprouse?

maybe because he's cute..

Does Dylan Sprouse like kids?

no the only he likes is his own girlfriend

What colour hair are sprouse twins into for a girl?

i know that Dylan sprouse likes brunettes but im not sure about cole

Are Dylan and Cole Sprouse going out with the same girl?

ok now Dylan sprouse go out with Stella hugdens vanessa hudgens sistercole sprouse dosent have a girlfriend he likes Selena Gomez.

Who does Zac Efron likes?

Zac Efron likes Vanessa Hugens. And maybe he also likes Ashley Tisdale.

Does Ashley Tisdale like Vanessa Hudgens?

YES Ashley likes her so much they're BFF'S!!!

What qualities would Dylan and Cole Sprouse look for in a girl?

I was on youtube and Dylan Sprouse said Cole likes girl with braces. I'm not totally sure though.

Does Ashley Tisdale like Golden Retrievers?

Yes she likes golden retrievers

What kind of girls do Dylan Sprouse like?

Cole likes girls with bracelets and Dylan likes girls with clean faces which means with no make-up on the face (:

Has Zac Efron ever kissed Ashley tisdale does zac love vanessa hudgens or Ashley Tisdale or both?

Zac has kiss Ashley from Suite life: Odd couples. And no he likes Vanessa! and Ashley is going out with someone else

Does Ashley Tisdale secretly like Zac Efron?

She did But Now She likes Corbin Blue!

Does Lucas Grabeel like Ashley Tisdale?

It's safe to say that he likes her as a friend.

What is Ashley Tisdale's favorite clothing brand?

Ashley Tisdale likes som of these brands: Ecko Red, Abercrombie and Fitch, and bebe.

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