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Have you ever looked at the comments on his YouTube videos? Have you seen the one on almost all his videos that says: "On October 17th, we will all watch "Love the way you lie" or "Not Afraid." Let's give his the best birthday present, the most viewed video on Youtube!" Yeah. Well some people respond to that saying some like " You know what? I don't think he really cares about that. Instead, Let's all go out and buy at least one of his CDs, because I think Eminem would like it better if we focused more on the music itself." Well, what I think about that all is that Eminem does appreciate his fans, and he just appreciates some things more then others.

2011-07-29 05:42:18
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What is the song Stan about by Eminem?

It's about his fans that take stuff too seriously

What are Eminem fans called?

Eminem fans are sometimes called Stans.

Does eminem care about his fans?


Who has more fans lil Wayne or Eminem?

This is impossible to answer. However Eminem's record sales of over 80,000,000 suggest that Eminem has more fans.

What do juggalos call Eminem fans?


Who has the most fans Justin Bieber or eminem?

Justin Bieber has more fans.

Which hip hop artist has the most fans?


Does Eminem have msn?

Nope, And Even If He Did, He Wont Add Fans.

Who has more fans One Direction or Eminem?

One direction

What electric brand name does Eminem use?

Eminem wears a bunch of nike stuff

Is Eminem a millionaire?

I'm guessing he is with all of his fans! Everyone loves him!

How many fans do Eminem have?

More then every another rapper in the world

How many fans dose Eminem have?

Eminem has a lot of fans idk if there is a exact conut but he sold in the silm shady lp in the 1st week 283,000 copys so yeah u can probly do the rest from there

How many fans does Eminem have?

Eminem iS the King of rap!!! No one Should deny it! Eminem has over 1000000000 fans and no one can out do The King

Is Shahrukh khan more popular than Eminem?

No shahrukh khan is not more popular than eminem. Eminem has huge fan following around the world. Eminem has much more fans than shahrukh khan.

How many fans of Eminem?

Well he has alot. For example he has about 61,148,143 Likes on Facebook.

Is eminem a good person to his fans?

yes he respects his fans and in live performances he then gives them a thanks and saying hes nothing without them

Did eminem get melested by his step dad?

No, Eminem had no step dad. The song Insane was just making up stuff.

Where can someone watch Eminem music videos?

Eminem videos can be watched by anyone if they go to YouTube and look up Eminem videos. There are a lot of them ranging from official videos to those made by fans.

How many fans in the US does Eminem have?

He has ALOT of fans he's won about 11 Grammies and is considered one of the best rappers ever

Does Eminem like his fans?

Eminem is grateful for every fan that he gets but he apparently hates fans that won't give him space as in the song "The Way I Am" Never use the word hate. You can say do not like or is annoyed with etc., but not hate, that is what we are trying to get rid of.

How do you spell appreiciate?

The correct spelling of the verb is appreciate (to be thankful for, or to increase in value).

What aging rocker shocked fans by warbling a duet with Eminem at the 2001 Grammies?

Elton john

Which artist has the biggest number of Facebook fans in the world?

Rihanna is the artist that has the biggest number of Facebook fans in the world. Eminem is the second highest performer on Facebook.

Who has most friends on Facebook?

Michael Jackson has surpassed President Obama in facebook friends with 6,552,353 fans as of 7/6/09.eminem has over 25,000,000 fans Michael Jackson has 30,386,009 fans