Does Enema Hurt

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No, in most cases an enema would not hurt if performed correctly. There can be some feelings of pressure in the stomach area but there should be no pain.

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Q: Does Enema Hurt
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Why would an enema hurt?

An enema would hurt if you inserted the tip into the rectum improperly or too quickly. A little cramping may occur in the lower half of the abdomen but it the process shouldn't be too painful.

What are the types of enema?

Barium enema, and Fleet enema

Who was the inventor of enema?

The god Thoth, according to Egyptian mythology, invented the enema.

When was Primitive Enema created?

Primitive Enema was created in 1994.

What is cpt code for gastrografin enema?

what is the cpt code for a gastrograffin enema

What is the cpt code for gastrografin enema?

what is the cpt code for a gastrograffin enema

Can boys get an enema?

Yes, because an enema is an injection of water in the rectum. Boys like girls has a rectum, so boys can get an enema.

Milk and molasses enema?

Do not use a milk and molasses enema on anyone. They are very painful and cause terrible cramping, and they are hard to mix and instill. If an enema is needed, an over-the-counter fleets enema is fine.

Can a PCA give an enema?

can a personal care assistant give an enema

When was Enema of the State created?

Enema of the State was created on 1999-06-01.

How does a girl take an enema?

The same as any other person would it no different. Prepare the Enema and get ready to insert the enema it to your anus the. Use the enema and then use the toilet. Unless you are using it as a sexual turn on which some people are into.

What is the plural from for enema?

The plural forms for the noun enema are enemas or enemata, both are accepted.

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