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Ernest Rutherford has no middle name. A link can be found below.

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Where does the last name Rutherford come from?

The name Rutherford is originally scottish. my last name is Rutherford but im American so its also became some what American

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Why was ernest Rutherford so surprised about his experiment?

He realized that alpha particles were deflected by the gold foil, and didn't pass through like he thought they would.

Which scientist used a gold foil experiment to discover that an atom has a positively charged nucleus?

Hans Geiger and Ernest Marsden. Rutherford was the supervisor and explained the unexpected results, so his name is usually attached to the experiment as well, but it was Geiger and Marsden who actually did it.

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How did ernest rutherford discovered proton and electrons?

he didn't chadwick discovered neutrons and discovered electrons when he shot a beam of radium that contained alpha particles that are postive which bounced back, and so nucleus was there

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