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How do you ask a guy if somethings wrong?

I'm assuming that the context is that you have a bf or a crush and he seems upset as of late and you are concerned about him?. Try to get him off to the side or alone for a few minutes, and ask him. Be like, "I've been noticing that you seem kind of upset/down/out of it (you can choose the wording ( Full Answer )

What is something?

something is a thing that is some. or one thing that is not everything else.

What is something about you?

It is a three letter word that is pronounced the same as its own last letter . The single and plural form are spelt and pronounced the same way, and are indistinguishable . In the bible the plural form is represented by the the word being written in capital letters, as YOU. . It is only used when ( Full Answer )

What pH is something that is pH 3?

The pH scale ranges from 0 - 14 with 0 being the most acidic, 14 being the most basic (or base/alkaline) and 7 being neutral (like water). This means that something with a pH of 3 would be a strong acid and would be about 10,000 times more acidic than water which would be close to soda or grapefruit ( Full Answer )

What is something cute to say to a guy?

Well, I would say guys don't like to hear "cute" things. It would be better for you to say something good about his abilities (sport), job ... We like that :-)

What do you do when you say something embarrassing to a guy?

Just laugh it off. That stuff happens. Most people are understanding about these kinds of things. If hes really uptight and you can't say something silly around him without him never wanting to talk to you again... maybe you should focus your attention on guys who are not quite so uptight

Something you play with beginning with R?

a recorder (a musical instrument). rummy (a card game). Risk (a board game). Red Rover (children's playground game) . Rock 'n Roll . record (going old school) . Russian Roulette (NOT RECOMMENDED OR CONDONED) .

How do you film something about Sims 3?

You have to click on the little recording camera or camera in the bottom left corner to either film or take a picture. It is very simple. Once you press it, it takes the picture or starts recording. If you are recording something, to stop the film, click the stop button in the top right corner. Than ( Full Answer )

How do you make the bad guys in Age of Empires 3 actually DO something when you make a scenario?

To get them to move attack and do more you must make triggers. These can be found on the top row of buttons but are hard to use. I suggest you make another question asking directly how to make triggers. I do not know but maybe there is a forum on the Age of Empires III home page http://www.ageofempi ( Full Answer )

What does it mean when a guy gives you something?

Gifts from the opposite sex can have many meanings. It is dependenton your relationship and the other person's feelings towards thegift recipient, as well as their feelings behind their gift.

Something sweet to say to a guy?

the best thing to be is honest, there's no point having a generic sweet thing to throw at whoever. take a look at who he is, what he does, and what he looks like and compliment him accordingly. if you really mean what you say, then it will come across naturally and effortlessly sweet.

What do you do when you did something embarrassing in front of a guy.?

There are so many embarrassing things one can do in front of the opposite sex such as: belching; passing gas; saying the wrong thing at the wrong time; making a fool of oneself at a party by drinking too much, etc. No matter what it is you just need to apologize and if it's nature calling there isn' ( Full Answer )

Something to play with begin with F?

Fallout 3 (computer game) Fiddle (Instrument) Flute (Instrument) Football (Team game) Family Fortunes (TV Game show) Farm Frenzy 3 (Online kids game)

Is there something you can not answer?

You can't answer when you or other people will die, or when the world will end, although many guesses for all of these have been made, they're not really answers.

Dreaming about something hurting your family?

Very generally, such dreams express your fears and anxieties. You may have exaggerated concerns about real or imagined threats against those you love, or you might be projecting your fears; that is, denying that you fear for yourself and placing those fears onto others, in this case, your family. It ( Full Answer )

What is something that has 3 sections?

many things but a pie or a peace sign; maybe a box; a mouse to a computer does! you know it has right click left click and the scrolly thing in the middle or you could say the 3rd section is the part where your palm goes.....maybe a dinner dish.......some toasters do.....some ovens do!

What do you call something that is in a play that is fake?

Usually fake items in movie or play sets are referred to as 'props'. Sometimes authentic items are referred to as props as well, though. For instance, a pistol used in a movie would be referred to as a 'prop gun' and would likely be a non-functioning replica, but a prop umbrella would likely be the ( Full Answer )

Does dark semen indicate something serious?

In general and as a precaution, any unusual discharge from any body orifice should be reported to your medical doctor. The medical doctor may conduct further examinations to find the exact cause. Treatment may be required depending on what the underlying disease or condition. If you are indeed ex ( Full Answer )

Why do you have to run something when you play roblox?

When you play Roblox the only thing that you have to run is Roblox itself. When you click to play a Roblox game the Roblox application launches an then connects you to the game. This must be ran as it is Roblox, and without it you would not be playing.

How do you play something you downloaded on your computer?

Just double-click it. If it ends with .exe, make sure you know what it is, as it could be a virus. If it ends with .bat (or .txt.bat, or anything else ending with .bat), it is a batch file, which can do whatever it wants without you seeing what's going on. The same goes for .vbs.

What is something divided 14 to get 3?

Something that is divided by 14 to get 3 would be 42. You can easily find the answer to a question like this one by multiplying 14 by 3. The product of the problem will then be the answer to this question.

There is something with me?

Yes, I'm sorry to say there is something worng with you if youresort to the internet to answer personal questions.