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Does Florida require motorcycle helmets?


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No, you are not required to wear a motorcycle helmet in the state of Florida as long as you are 21 years of age and have at least $10,000 in medical insurance coverage.


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Currently, the District of Columbia and 28 states motorcycle laws requires all riders to wear helmets. Twenty-seven states motorcycle laws require some motorcycle riders to wear helmets. Illinois, Iowa and New Hampshire do not have motorcycle helmets laws.

You are not required by law to wear a crash helmet in Florida however i would highly recommend that you do! Florida does not require a helmet while driving a motorcycle.

You can find information on motorcycle helmets from any major motorcycle shop. Such shops as harley davidson and suzuki will be able to educate you on motorcycle helmets, including which one is right for you.

Over 60% of motorcycle fatalities are due to head trauma. Most states require a helmet.

You can log in, search the key words 'motorcycle helmets ',and you can choose what you like from the results and buy it,it's the best way to buy motorcycle helmets

There are over 700,000 motorcycle helmets that are sold in the United States each year. Helmets are a requirement for riders in most states.

Motorcycle insurance is not required in Florida. Banks will require you to carry it if motorcycle has lien. Most major manufacturers(Honda, Yamaha, Suzuki, etc.) do not require insurance if you finanace through them. Must have insurance to ride without a helmet in Florida, though.

No your only required to have one.

Motorcycle half helmets are not full face mask helmets and can be purchased or ordered from pretty much any helmet company.

The manufacturer of Hawk brand motorcycle helmets is Leather Up who is also known as My Leather (,

That depends on where you live. Most states/provinces require that children wear helmets when operating or riding on motorcycles.

Yes a 15 year old can be licensed for and drive a motorcycle in Florida. Some states require that you be at least 16 years old.

The mandatory use of motorcycle helmets is far from universal. In jurisdictions where it IS mandatory, it is a state or provincial law that requires the use. For example, in the Province of Ontario, Canada (where I live), the Highway Traffic Act stipulates that both driver and passenger must wear a helmet while riding a motorcycle.

Riders must wear helmets until they are age 21.

Any motorcycle or ATV dealer would sell helmets. And many of the independent repair shops sell helmets also.

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The moTHORcycle maker... ^_^

For a definite answer you need to check your local DMV website. It is a good bet however, that most states will require a helmet.

Yes, motorcycle INSURANCE does exist in Florida.

This site will gives you a listing of motorcycle mechanic schools in Florida. It is

No, not to register a motorcycle but you do need a license to ride a motorcyle in Florida.

According to AP writer, Jennifer C. Yates in the Hanover, PA <i><A HREF="">Evening Sun</A></i>, "Twenty states have laws requiring all motorcycle riders to wear helmets, while 27 states have laws that require minors or passengers to wear head protection. Iowa, Illinois and New Hampshire have no helmet laws."

In some states that don't have specific mandatory laws in requiring people to wear motorcycle helmets regardless of their age, you have to be at least 18 years old to be able to ride motorcycle without wearing motorcycle helmets. But it is highly advisable that you wear one to avoid injuries from motorcycle accidents.

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