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Yes. Corsica is part of France.

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Which island in the mediterranean does France own?


What is Corsica?

Corsica is an island off of France.

What country claims Corsica?

Corsica is a part of France.

Which country owns Corsica?

Corsica is a part of France.

Which country is Corsica part of?

Corsica is part of France

What country runs corsica?

Corsica is a region from France.

Who owns The Corsica island?

Corsica is a region of France.

Name the country that claims Corsica?

Corsica is a part of France.

Is Corsica and island or a country?

Corsica is an island. It is part of France.

Does Corsica belong to Italy or France?


Is Corsica part of European union?

Corsica is an island that is part of France, and France is a member of the European Union.

What are the coordinates of France?

Latidude of mainland France (including Corsica) from 51

Are the Corsica Islands a part of Italy?

No, the Corsica Islands belong to France.

What is Corsica in France?

Corsica is a large French island in the Mediterranean sea.

Where is Corsica located?

Corsica is located south of France, east of Sardinia.

Why is french spoken in Corsica?

Because Corsica is a territorial collectivity of France.

What is the capital of the country that claims Corsica an island in the Mediterranean Sea?

Corsica is part of France. The capital city of France is Paris

The Mediterranean island of Corsica is a part of what European nation?

Corsica is part of France.

Is Corsica a city?

Corsica is a mountainous Mediterranean island.

Is Corsica part of France?


Who claims the island Corsica?


To which country does Corsica belong to?


Which country does Corsica belongs to?


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