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Does France use the same alphabet as the US?

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France uses the same alphabet as the US, but they also sometimes put accent marks above the a, e, and i, or under the c.

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Is Cameroon's alphabet the same as the US?

Yes, both French and English use the same alphabet, with a few minor differences.

Is handwriting in spanish speaking countries the same as the US?

Yes, we use the same alphabet.

How many letters are in the alphabet used in the US?

26. There is no American alphabet in the formal sense; The current primary language in the US is a standard form of English, and virtually all English speakers everywhere use the same alphabet.

How did the Romans influence our alphabet?

They influenced our alphabet because they use the Latin alphabet, like us.

What does France call Thanksgiving?

France use the same word, but rarely as it is of little use outside the US. Thanksgiving is barely known, and is not a holiday in Europe.

How did the Phoenician alphabet develop into the alphabet we use today?

It was adapted by Greek and Latin, and so passed on to us.

France is about the same size as what US state?


In France what subjects do they study in school?

the same as us.

What was the most important contributinn of the Phoenician civilization?

The alphabet we use today was based on the Phoenician alphabet system, passed to us via the Greek and Roman alphabets.

When it is summer in France what season is it US?

It would be summer in the US too. France and the US are both in the northern hemisphere so they have the same seasons at all times.

Is New France the same as France?

New France is not the same as France, but a former colony of it. New France was the area controlled by the French, stretching from nowadays Quebec to New Orleans, Louisiana, through the plains of what is now the US.

What is the fashion in France?

Same as in the US, but 2 years earlier

When it's summer in the US what season is it in France?

The same season

What do kind of food do France people eat?

The same as us!

In France what shape Easter eggs do they sell?

They sell the same shape Easter eggs in France as us. Every country in the whole world has the same shape Easter eggs as us.

What are two benefits to the Phoenician alphabet?

the Phoenician alphabet developed into our modern day alphabet and it helps us communicate.

How did Phoenicians and Lydians effect us today?

Phoenicians - alphabet and astral navigation. Lydians - use of coinage.

Can you use US stamps to mail letter to France?


What country government is the same type as that of the US?

The US has a republic form of government and countries such as France, Italy, Brazil, and India have the same forms.

Do the Canadians use letters in their alphabet?

I think they have normal letters like us but it's just in another language

What city in US is on same latitude and longitude as Paris France?

New york

Is 220V US the same as in France Europe?

the answer is NO. european countries use 50 hz AC. us uses 60 hz AC.

Can you use US postage to send a postcard to France?

Yes u can

How many miles apart is the US and France?

About 3,000 I think. because England is 3k away and France is about the same distance away.

How did the alphabet originate?

The first semi-phonetic writing system was a set of 24 symbols used in Egyptian Hieroglyphics. The Phoenicians were the first to use only phonetic symbols. They had an alphabet of 22 consonants, but the vowels were not written. The Greeks were the first use us phonetic symbols for all the sounds of a language (the first pure alphabet)

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