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yeah dumbo's

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Q: Does Freddie really like Carly in real life?
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Does Carly like Freddie in real life?

yes carly like freddie in real life. because hes hot and stupid

Who does Freddie like in real life?


Does Carly like Freddie?

yes she does like freddie..!!!!

Does Carly like Freddie on iCarly?

yes because in January of 2010 Freddie save Carly's life and that makes her like him:) sort of because when he saved her life, Freddy realized Carly only likes him for what he did, she doesn't actually like him:)

Does Freddie like Carly or Sam more?

he likes carly

Does Freddie like Carly?

Yes, he does.

Are Carly and Freddie going to date on ICarly?

Well in the newest episode (iSaved Your Life) they kiss a lot. And Carly seems to like Freddie. The episode ends with Freddie basically telling her that she needs to think of the real reason she wants to be with him.

Will Carly and Freddie kiss again just like in isave your life?

probably love that program x

Does fredie like Carly shay in real life?

no because Freddie is a homosexual and only likes guys

Will Carly and Freddie be together?

From the looks of i.speeddate they will in i save your life when Carly almost gets hit by a taco druck at the end of i speed date they dance so from the looks of that and the commercial when Carly sits down in freddies bed here is like a little play of what happens in that scene Carly- every one at school is saying your a hero Freddie- i don,t fell like a hero Carly- well you are one to me and then it just shows Carly leaning closer to Freddie and i don,t know if she just hugs him or if they really kiss but the way the people talk ithink they will kiss but that's just my opinion

Why does Carly not like Freddie back on the tv show icarly?

She only thinks of Freddie as a friend.

Is sam and Freddie dating like in real life?

well they are dating on the tv show i carly but i hope that they are dating in real liferight

Does Carly like Freddie in iCarly?

Yes Yes YES

Who does Freddie like more sam or Carly?

Definitely Carly even though he has some feelings for Sam

Do Freddie like Carly in real life?

I don't think he does.. He doesn't look like he would. If you really want to know you would probably have to meet him to know.. If not you could just look it up on google or something.

Why does Freddie like Carly?

because he thinks she is hot and is funny and smart

Does Freddie still like Carly?

he doesn't say it but he always will inside..

Icarly is funny cool and i like when yuour twins come cool i like sam and Freddie Carly Spencer to he is buliding cool human PS dose Freddie in real life like you?

No he's just acting. duuuuuuuuuuuh!

Does Freddie on iCarly still like Carly because it seems like he likes Sam?

Freddie does still like Carly. After they date and then break up in iSaved Your Life, he still shows her he has feelings for her by offering to rub her feet in iDo and by showing his distaste in Adam because Carly likes him and he likes her in iStart a Fan War. As for Sam, the only episode in which they show romantic tension between each other is iKiss.

You like Freddie off of icarly can you tell email him on the website?

sure plenty of other people have done it! Why not?I don't want to e-mail Freddie but I really like to e-mail Carly and Sam. Sam is my favourite character in iCarly.

Does Freddie like Carly or sam better?

I think that Freddie still has a crush on Carly but is going out with Sam because they both never kissed anyone else before and he probably knew that Carly would never go out with him and for a moment i thought he and Carly were going to go out but i guessed wrong cuz now he's with Sam now.

Does Freddie stop likeing Carly?

i think that sam and Freddie like each other after the kiss sam looked like she was in love and Freddie to so i HOPE THEY END UP TOGETHER it would be sooo much cuter if they did cause Carly does not look good with Freddie AT ALL and i think that freddies feelings for Carly have faded away cause he looks like he likes sam now and sam looks like she likes him to! yay and there is so many signs look out for signs like look at ther faces when they look at each other and look at ther habds when there next to each other cause i saw there hand like sam put her hand on freddies its so cute so look out for that and then maybe you will find out so yah i think Freddie stops likeing herNOOOOOOOOOO! Freddie and Carly belongtogether!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Does Carly and Freddie like each other?

yes they have ben mean to each other both of them like each other

In iCarly does Carly love Freddie?

As a friend, but Freddie won't stop trying to get her to like him in a boyfriend/girlfriend way. He mostly shows it on "iPilot" where he goes nuts.

Will Sam and Freddie ever get together from iCarly?

As of now there are no hints that Sam and Freddie will ever hook up. But they have chemistry. Two major "Seddie" moments are on IKiss when Sam and Freddie kiss and IThink They Kissed where Carly finds out Sam and Freddie kissed. The following list has major "Seddie" moments. Major "Seddie" Moments 1. Sam always bags on Freddie (hiding that she likes him) 2. Freddie has a HUGE crush on Carly (hiding he like her) 3. In the episode IDream of Dance Sam falls asleep on Freddie's shoulder. 4. In the episode IDate a Bad Boy Sam and Freddie share a laugh about Griffin. 5. In iOMG Sam kisses Freddie for 11 seconds. 6. In iKiss Sam and Freddie kiss for eight seconds. These are all pretty big "Seddie" moments. So there is a possibility that Sam and Freddie may get together. But some people are hoping for "Creddie" Major "Creddie" Moments 1. Freddie has a HUGE crush on Carly 2. In the episode IHeart Jake Carly kisses Freddie's nose 3. In the episode ISpy a Mean Teacher Freddie and Carly are locked in a closet together. 4. In the episode ISpeed Date Carly and Freddie dance together 5. In the episode IDream of Dance Carly falls asleep on Freddie 6. In the episode IFind Lewbert's Lost Love Carly and Freddie share a fantasy *There are more "Creddie" moments then "Seddie" moments I am pulling for "Creddie". I can not say for sure but it might happen. It may not though as ICarly is already in Season 3. Now that I have seen commercials for ISaved Your Life, it seems Creddie will happen. But the ICarly producers may pull a twist, as they have done that before. CREDDIE IS GOING TO HAPPEN! I just saw a commercial for the new ICarly special ISaved Your Life. The commercial showed three scenes. All CREDDIE! Yes! Scene 1: Sam is standing in the hallway between Carly and Freddie's apartments. Suddenly Carly runs out of Freddie's apartment and into hers. Sam: Woah! What happened in there? Carly: (blurting out) I kissed Freddie! Scene 2: Carly and Freddie are in the ICarly studio. Freddie: So, we're kind of boyfriend and girlfriend now, huh? Carly: I guess. Scene 3: Sam and Freddie are at school by Sam's locker. Freddie: (shouting) You just can't accept the fact that Carly and I are a couple, can you? Sam: No, it makes me want to puke up blood. Well, there you are. Creddie proof. The only hope for Seddie is... Hopefull Seddie Ending: Carly and Freddie decide they do like each other and Freddie,and Carly start dating. That's just a prediction. CREDDIE dose HAPPEN! iSaved Your Life Summary Carly kisses Freddie after she helps him out of the shower.* They start dating. Sam is disgusted by this, especially after seeing Carly kiss** Freddie and saying "See you after class." So Sam goes up to Freddie and says he is like Bolivian bacon. Sams Bacon Boyfriend Story (from Sam's point of view) There was this kid that I hated but he had a huge crush on me. Then he gave me free bacon and I thought I was in love with him. Sam is saying that Carly doesn't really like Freddie, just what he did. So, Freddie is the bacon Sam loved. Anyway, Freddie believes Sam and after Carly kisses Freddie*** twice, he tells her and says they can be together after the "hero" thing wears off and Freddie gets his casts removed. Then he says that since they won't be together for a long time, he deserves as kiss to remember this time by. So Carly kisses Freddie, AGAIN!**** * They make out for like 5 minutes until Mrs. Benson comes in and sees them kissing. ** A short one on the lips. *** Carly says "Come here!" and "Stop worrying about your computer and kiss me!" and they make out! Then they do it again! **** Just a small one on the cheek. CREDDIE DOES HAPPEN! But sadly, it does not look like Seddie will ever happen. No, they just kisses once to get their first kiss over with. but they like it And they kissed again. Well, Sam kissed Freddie. Because she is in love with him. ***Updating 9/10/11*** Seddie Happens. Sam And Fred start dating after Freddie reveals he want to date Sam to see how things go, on " iLost my mind" then there is a continuation on iDate Sam And Freddie" when they finally date but is having a hard time dealing with their different view points and is using Carly as a guru to solve it. Honestly i am not sure how this is going to turn out but if you asked me if they will survive, my answer would be a Big Maybe. they both have potential in being a good couple and their personalities keep the relationship fun and interesting and the fact that they like each other definitely put the sayings "Opposites attract" in accuracy. As for the Creddie allegations, if instead of sam and Freddie decided to date, the show will pretty much be dead and have a feel of ending because there wont be any difficult problems and eventually it will get boring. I believe they would make a great couple but for a tv show it would be too dull. now I'm not saying that A Creddie would be impossible but it would take a lot of heart ache and betrayal and just a load of mess for it to happen : Reasons is first Sam would be hurt, The relationship in creddie is more of a friendship/sibling, Carly would be out of character for taking another person bf, and finally Carly supports Seddie unless underneath is a vile of jelousy which i feel Carly is not even capable of having. **** So For now, it is a Seddie and i See Alot of Seddie Fans Happy and even i saw some Creddie Fans like this angle the show took because Sam And Freddie is just fun to watch even if its not a version of a " healthy and normal relationship"*****