Does Friction makes things go faster.?

Updated: 9/26/2023
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Q: Does Friction makes things go faster.?
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How does friction affect a rubber band car?

As I have heard, friction makes things go faster....

How is aerodynamics used to make things more streamlined?

it is when things can go faster because it makes the friction in the air lessesn

How does friction affect roller coasters?

It holds the coaster down. Less friction makes it go faster.

How does friction affect the game of hockey?

It affects it because the more you skate on the ice the more marks its makes and with the friction of the puck, it will go faster on fresh ice.

Why are longer snowboards faster?

They go faster because they have a longer bottom which means they have a greater contact with the ground. More contact means more friction. This is what makes them go faster than smaller snowboards.

Does more friction make an object go faster or slower?

Friction will cause objects to slow down.

Why do some objects go faster on different surfaces?


How does friction make things go faster?

For something to accelerate or go faster, a force needs to be applied to it. When you walk, your shoe wants to slide on the sidewalk, but the friction from the tiny bumps on both surfaces creates resistance that prevents this, and you move forward. The sidewalk friction is actually pushing back on your shoe so you accelerate forward. Hope that helps.

Do you want more or less fluid friction while swimming?

You want less friction. Then you will go faster.

How does the force of friction for a sliding object vary with speed?

The friction can make you slow down , but if you lose friction you will go at a faster rate of speed

Truefalse can friction slow things down?

true. Friction DOES slow things down. In fact, if there was no friction once something started moving it wouldn't be able to stop Friction can slow the things down. It's true.

Why is the force of friction directed the opppsite way of an object that is movin?

I never thought about it before, but here's one way to look at it:Forces on a moving object that act in the same direction it's moving make it go faster.Forces on a moving object that act opposite to the direction it's moving make it go slower.Friction never makes things go faster, or ... heaven forbid ... makes stationary things start moving.Friction only makes it hard to make things start moving, and it slows them down once they move.