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Does Germany depend on imports for much of its food supply?

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It kinda does but not alot

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What food does Germany export?

Germany does not import any type of food. The country mostly imports commodities such as metals, chemicals, vehicles and agricultural products.

What are Finlands major imports?

i think the major imports for Finland are the things that most other countries get like cars, food supply, water, electronics.

What are the imports and exports of Germany?

machinery, vehicles, chemicals, metals, manufactures, food supplies, textiles

What are the major imports and exports in Bremen Germany?

Germany's main imports: raw material & food stuffexport: very high grade manufactured goods; such as cars.

What are Malaysia imports?

Malaysia's imports are food Technoligy.

What are South Africas main imports?

The main imports of South Africa are fuel, motor vehicles, electronics, pharmaceuticals, and food. Their main importers are Germany, China, the US, Saudi Arabia, and Japan.

What are the major imports of Tunisia?

Tunisia imports textiles, machinery, heavy equipment, fuels, chemicals, and food - mostly from southern Europe. Major trading partners are France, Italy, Germany, and Spain.

Why is there no food supply on the moon?

Two reasons. 1. There is no organic life on the moon, and we depend on organic life (plants and/or animals) for food. So the reason for there being no natural food supply is the lack of appropriate conditions for organic life to develop. 2. There are no colonies or depots on the moon, and we depend on developed areas or storage facilities for stored food. So the reason for there being no artificially maintained food supply is our lack of foresight in developing the moon.

How does Italy make up for the resources that are in short supply?

it imports the resources like oil and food or textiles from other countries like the u.s. or France

Plants depend upon the activities of animals for a continuing supply of which substance?

Plants depend upon the activities of animals for a continuing supply of which substance carbon dioxide. Plants will combine water and carbon dioxide to process food.

What is a seeds food supply?

There is no food supply for seeds but there is a food supply for animals that eat seeds is called food seed supply.

What are Brazil's major imports?


What are the imports of Haiti?

Food, machinery and transport equipment, and fuels are the main imports of Haiti.

What are the major imports of the US from Canada and why?

the three major imports are cars, oil, and food

What is irelands imports?

Ireland does not have many imports. The imports of Ireland are, medical products, medicine, food, electronic machinery, vehicles, and fuel.

What is Italy's imports?

Italy has several imports and exports. Some of the imports of Italy are chemicals, minerals, food, textiles, and transport equipment.

What are Germany's major food and fiber imports?

food good

What are the major exports of Germany?

The main exports are engineering (such as vehicles), electronics, chemicals, pharmaceuticals also financial services.Key imports include raw materials, fuel (oil and gas) and food things. To some extent Germany also imports vehicles - mainly of a lower grade than those exported.

What are Malaysia's major imports and exports?

in Malaysia they export timber and electornics. for imports they get food, and technology.

What are three major imports an Bahrain?

Bahrain imports many products total imports are $ 12.4 billion(2010 est) major imports are Food clothes All types of machinery

What does Europe import?

It imports food and water

What country imports the most food?


What are some imports and exports of Ohio?


What are the kinds of food people in Antarctica eat?

People who live and work temporarily in Antarctica eat the food that their government imports to the continent for them to eat. A generous supply of calories are required by humans at work there, because of the extreme conditions.

Which products does Germany import?

Germany imports many things including machinery, vehicles, oil, gas, and pharmaceuticals. They also import food items, data processing equipment, and electric equipment as well as agricultural products.