Does Germany have balkanization?

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Balkanization means being split into several small states of countries. Since 1871 German has been one country, except in during the Cold War. From 1815 to 1866-71 Germany consisted of about 39 practically sovereign states, and before about 1790 there about 360 German states (roughly one for every day of the year) - again almost sovereign.
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Who is aral balkan?

Aral Balkan is an entrepreneur and an advocate for democracy.Balkan is part of the tech world, and is the creator of IndiePhone.

Who are the balkans?

The Balkans are are a vast peninsula in south-east Europe. The word also refers to the region and the countries in it. Please see the link below.

Where is the most beautiful town on the Balkans?

That is a difficult question to answer, as it is purely down to opinion. Different people would give different answers to that question, so there is no right answer.

Why was there tension in the Balkans?

This is something a person that hasn't lived there will never understand, no matter how much you try to explain it to them, but I'll try anyways. There has always been tension in the Balkans, ever since there was the nations which are there today. Nationalism is one of the major reasons for tension. ( Full Answer )

What role did Germany play in the Balkan War?

The Balkan Wars essentially foreshadowed the first World War.Germany had a great deal of influence in the Balkan region, andwanted to establish an independent Bulgaria as an ally.

Where are the Balkan States?

Answer . The Balkan states are those countries on the Balkan Penisula, which is located in South-East Europe and includes Albania, Greece, Bulgaria, Montenegro, Serbia, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Croatia, Macdeonia, Romania, and part of Turkey.

Where is the Balkan Penninsula?

The Balkan Penninsula is actaully Greece. Greece is located in Europe by the Adriatic & Medditeranean Sea. Hope this comes out handy, from what i learned in social studies! (:

What is the relation between semite and balkan?

Answer . None whatsoever! The term"Semites" refers to various cultures using Semitic languages: Hebrew , Arabic, Syriac etc. It is also known as a misnomer for ethnic groups.. The Balkan is mostly populated by groups using Slavic dialects: Serbs, Slovenians etc. They are often referred to as b ( Full Answer )

What was the cirises in the Balkans?

There must've been over a 100 wars and conflicts that fully or partially take place in the Balkans for a variety of reasons in history. Because of the nationalistic instability of the Balkans, even so much it could cause World War 3, it has been dubbed one of the most dangerous regions in the world, ( Full Answer )

What is the Balkan region?

The Balkan region is the area between the Black Sea and the Adriatic Sea. It is also called the Balkan Peninsula. It consists of a large variety of peoples speaking a wide group of languages and practicing several different religions. There are the Greeks speaking ancient Greek. The Romanians speak ( Full Answer )

Why did hitler want the balkans?

Hitler wanted to take the Balkans to expand the amount of area available for his invasion of the USSR in 1941. He studied past invadors like Napolean and so on, all invading through the flat lands of Poland and losing. He believed a larger area to invade would increase success plus he wanted to make ( Full Answer )

What is demographic balkanization?

It is separating those regions of the country which continue to serve as "immigrant gateways" from the remainder of the national territory where the new immigration makes much smaller or negligible contributions to growth.

Where is the balkan peninsula located?

The Balkan Peninsula is located in Europe in not just one country, but several, including Greece and many others surrounding Greece.

Why Serbia wanted the Balkans?

wanted Serbia and serbs living in balkans to be recognized as a race that can and does live side by side all other ethnic groups on the balkans...

Where are the Balkan mountains?

In SE Europe. From NE Italy running south of the Danube through Croatia, Bosnia & Serbia to Bulgaria & Macedonia.

Does Poland have balkanization?

No, Poland is a unitary state and it's very homogenous. 97% of citizens are of Polish nationality (it's considered the most homogenous nation in the world). There is a region in Poland called Silesia where some of its citizens claim they are separate nation but the vast majority of Silesians c ( Full Answer )

What were the balkans war?

First Balkan War (1912-1913) Greece, Bulgaria, Serbia, and Montenegro defeat the Ottoman Empire in the First Balkan War and gain a large piece of Ottoman land in the Balkans. In the post-war conference, Austria-Hungary stepped in and created the independent nation of Albania. This was made to block ( Full Answer )

Which is the biggest dam in balkan?

Belmeken dam is the highest in the Balkan Peninsula as far as altitude goes. It is situated at 1920m above sea level in the Rila Mountain, Bulgaria. Rila Mountain also has the highest peak on the Balkan Peninsula and Bulgaria. It's called Musala (2925m above sea level). However which is the bigge ( Full Answer )

Balkans were know as?

The peninsula of southeastern Europe was ka Balkan, from the Turkish word for chain of wooded mountains. It was aka the peninsula of Haemus, from the ancient Greeks. King Haemus and Queen Rhodope dared to try to put themselves on the same level as the ancient Greek father and mother gods. Zeus and H ( Full Answer )

What countries are in Balkans?

Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, Slovenia, Serbia, Macedonia, Montenegro, Greece, Romania, Kosovo, Turkey. If you meant during WW1, there was just Greece, Bulgaria, Serbia, Montenegro, Albania and Austrian-Hungarian Empire

Is balkan lynx endangered?

they ar eendangerd because they got long hairs in there but.and they cant walk because there but lips are to who ever is reading this do you wanna do me?

What is the balkan question?

The Balkan Question also known as the Eastern Question covers arange of problems that arose as the Ottoman Empire weakened.European powers then sought to figure out what to do with thedifferent pieces of the empire, with Russia in particular seekingdominance in the Balkans.

What are the capitals of the Balkan countries?

Country || Capitol ------------------------ Slovenia - Ljubljana Croatia - Zagreb Bosnia - Sarajevo Serbia - Belgrade Romania - Bukarest Bulgaria - Sofia Macedonia - Skopje Albania - Tirana Kosovo - Pristina Greece - Athens Turkey - Ankara Montenegro - Podgorica

Where is Balkans located?

The Balkans refer to a group of countries in the south east of Europe. Some of these would include Albania, Greece, Serbia, Montenegro, Bulgaria, Romania and others.

What is West Balkan?

The countries in the region known as the West Balkan are: Bosnia & Herzegovina, Croatia and Slovenia.

Who is balkan Hitler?

who is the balkan hitler? there are a couple .. but Slobodan Milosevic tops that list

Why was Austria involved in balkan problems?

Austria were involved in the Balkan problems because they werethreatened by the Serbian ambition. They were also involved becauseof their geographical position.

What were the tensions in the Balkans?

Very basically... The Balkans issue stems from the so-called "Bosnian Crisis" of 1908-09 and the "Balkan wars" of 1912-13 The wars were an important step towards WWI. Austria-Hungary was worried by the sudden rise of Serbia. A-H's ally, Germany was also concerned about what it saw as a Russian ( Full Answer )

What is voluntary Balkanization?

Voluntary Balkanization is essentially the development of cliques (on a large scale). Groups of people will stratify (separate) themselves out from one another, and ensure that they spend their time primarily with individuals from their own group. It comes from the context of the history of the B ( Full Answer )

What is Balkan nationalism?

Balkan nationalism refers to the desire of the various ethnic groups living on the Balkan Peninsula to have countries of their own. Balkan nationalism led to World War 1.

Is Latvia in the Balkans?

No. Latvia is one of the Baltic states. They are in the northeastof Europe. The Balkans are in the southeast of Europe.

What Balkan countries have no coastline?

The Balkan countries are Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, Greece, Macedonia, Montenegro, and Serbia. A coastline is another word for a coast or border with the sea, so this question asks which of the Balkan countries are landlocked. Most of these countries border either the Aege ( Full Answer )

What were Serbia's aims for the Balkans?

They wanted to create their own country without A-H interfering. To unite all nationalities in Balkans. (and Nationalism) Assassinated Archduke Franz Ferdinand for independence.

Who are Balkan in Europe?

The Balkan Peninsula occupies Southeastern Europe. The countries it includes are Turkey, Bulgaria, Greece, Macedonia, Kosovo, Albania, Montenegro, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Serbia, and Romania.

What Balkan States started the Balkan League?

The nations of Bulgaria, Greece, Serbia, and Montenegro formed an alliance known as the Balkan League in 1912. The purported reason for the alliance was to limit the power of Austria in the Balkans, but the actual reason was to expel the Turks from the Balkans. The alliance lasted until 1913. ( Full Answer )

What was the Balkan policy?

The Russian Active Balkan Policy 1906-1913 Russia's earlier Far Eastern policy required holding Balkan issues in abeyance, a strategy Austria-Hungary also followed between 1897 and 1906. Japan's victory in 1905 had forced Russia to make deals with the British and the Japanese. In 1907 Russia's new ( Full Answer )

Balkan 1908 crisis?

In 1908 the Austrian-Hungarian Empire declared its intent to annex Bosnia. This led to massive outcry but other countries. The ottoman empire, Russian Empire, and French Republic hated the idea that Austria-Hungary would become more powerful. Thus tensions rose. However Austria-Hungary refused to st ( Full Answer )

How are the Apennine and Balkan Peninsulas similar?

They are both peninsulas that jut into the Mediterranean Sea. They also border similar seas (Adriatic, Ionian, etc.), and border each other. They are also the hosts of two extraordinary ancient civilizations: Ancient Greece (Balkan Peninsula) and the Roman Empire (Apennine Peninsula).

Is Greece on the balkan peninsula?

Yes, Greece is part of the Balkans. the Balkan Peninsula includes the countries of Albania, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, Greece, Macedonia, Montenegro, Romania, Serbia, Slovenia, and the geographical/political region of European Turkey.

Why were the Balkans described as a powder keg?

Many different ethnic groups in the Balkans, such as the Serbs, the Croatians, etc., were not happy to be part of the Austro-Hungarian Empire prior to WW I (just as they were also not happy to be part of Yugoslavia, in the Cold War era) and they had militant separatist movements. This is what result ( Full Answer )

Where do you have to be from to be form the Balkans?

The balkans is a region is southeastern Europe also known as the Balkan Peninsula. Countries that lie within the region are Albania, Boania & Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Greece, Kosovo, Montenegro & Macedonia. However, most of Croatia and Serbia are included with smaller parts of Italy, Turkey, Romania ( Full Answer )

What can a person buy from Balkan Holidays?

Balkan Holidays appears to be a travel site related to and geared toward travel plans involving the Balkan Islands. You can purchase full vacation packages, just a hotel room reservation, or just a flight reservation through their site.

What separated the Balkans?

The Balkans have a number of mountain ranges and hills which haveallowed numerous different ethnic groups to live in closeproximity. However, because of ethnic nationalism, many of thesegroups have wanted their own nations, leading to the fissioning ofthe region into 10+ states.

What countries are part of Balkans?

Albania, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, Greece,Macedonia, Montenegro, Romania, Serbia, Slovenia, and the Europeanpart of Turkey

What was the second Balkan war?

the second Balkan war was 1 month after the first Balkan war . Itstarted in June of 1913 . The first Balkan war was when the Balkancountries minus Romania attacked & divided the Ottoman Empire .Bulgaria had been promised the region of Vardar Macedonia by Serbia, who refused to give it up . At this p ( Full Answer )