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It means guaranteed if you meet the "qualifications." m is guaranteed IF you have been denied in the private market, resident - Mr. Mip doesn't ask Immigration status, can't be eligible for Medicare, can't be eligible for COBRA, If you're talking about Group Coverage - I've never seen immigration status come up, lack of coverage in the past is not an issue to get coverage. It might be if the new policy has a pre-x clause, as prior coverage counts.

2008-07-30 12:38:35
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Q: Does Guaranteed Coverage mean guaranteed to anyone regardless of lack of coverage in the past and immigration status?
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What should I consider when purchasing a guaranteed life insurance package?

When purchasing guaranteed life insurance, you should consider whether you want to purchase guaranteed whole life or guaranteed term life. Benefits and coverage never change with guaranteed whole life. Guaranteed term life has lower premium, can be used to pay off high debt and no medical exam is needed. In addition, when purchasing guaranteed life insurance there is a waiting period before you receive full coverage, and you’re covered for a specific time period.

What should I ask before obtaining a guaranteed issue coverage?

You should ask what the benefits are, what is covered, the amount of premiums. Typically guaranteed issue coverage has a higher premium than other type of coverage. Also ask if it is a temporary ot permenant coverage.

What is Guaranteed issue life insurance?

Guaranteed issue life insurance is life insurance that is guaranteed acceptance. That means if you apply you are guaranteed to be accepted for life insurance coverage. However, you usually have to be a certain, like 45-75. Also, the amount of coverage is not fully available until 1-2 years after you own the policy - this is called graded benefit life insurance.

Do you have guaranteed issue health insurance?

No about 'almost' guaranteed issue coverage? I have plans with as little as one knock-out question and several with just a few disqualifiers. What state do you live in ans what is your issue?

Is a person guaranteed media coverage in a trial?

There is no guarantee of media coverage. It isn't a right, it only occurs when the trial is of interest to the general public.

What is the difference between medically underwritten and guaranteed coverage?

Medically underwritten coverage requires a questionaire, in which case pre-existing conditions may not be covered. Guaranteed issue is like an "existing medical condition blind" policy. It may have less coverage, and cost more, because the insurer is taking a bigger chance on the individual applicant.

What is guaranteed insurability?

Guaranteed Insurability refers to a person who is insured on a life insurance policy. Guaranteed Insurability guarantees the insured person to purchase additional life insurance coverage without having to take a physical examination or showing any other evidence of insurability. Additional life insurance coverage may be purchased at a stated time in the future. Some life insurance policies offer the opportunity to purchase additional guaranteed life insurance coverage on certain anniversary dates of their life insurance policy, such as, every fifth year of the policy up to a maximum age of 40, 45, or 50. In addition, the insured person may be able to purchase additional guaranteed life insurance coverage upon the birth of a child in the insured's family.

What if you get hurt prior to receiving your cobra package?

No problem, just enroll when you do get your package. You generally have 60 days to accept Cobra. When you do that your coverage is retroactive to your first day of eligiblity and is guaranteed regardless of what medical expenses you may have incurred in that period.

Are full time students eligible for free health insurance?

Under the Affordable Care Act children carried under a parent's insurance plan will be guaranteed coverage until age 26. This coverage is regardless of student status, job status, and marital status among other things.

What is the best car insurance company in Atlanta?

Peach state insurance has the lowest rates that I know of, they also have guaranteed coverage packages.

If I am disabled can I have guaranteed insurability life insurance?

You may be able to find this type of coverage but it will be very exspensive. You should speak with an insurance specialist.

What websites offer guaranteed issue coverage for different magazines? is the site you are looking for. that provide these services very efficiently and at reasonable way.

Is hepitis c considered pre-existing?

Yes it is. Depending on the individual insurance company, you may not be eligible for coverage. Check with the companies to find out. Also, do a search on "Guaranteed Issue" plans in your state for plans that will cover you regardless of pre-existing conditions.

Is Hepatitis C and automatic denial?

It may be tough to find coverage, but check around. If all else fails try the State Guaranteed Program.

What is whole life coverage?

Whole life insurance provides for a level premium, and a cash value table included in the policy guaranteed by the company. The primary advantages of whole life are guaranteed death benefits, guaranteed cash values, fixed and known annual premiums, and mortality and expense charges will not reduce the cash value shown in the policy. read more at

Why would it be important to have national health insurance?

National health insurance is a system utilized by many countries in the world including Canada, South Africa, and most of Europe. This type of coverage insures that all citizens of the country have guaranteed health coverage, and all are afforded with the same coverages and benefits regardless of race, age, weight, medical history, etc.

What does portability mean in the context of life insurance?

Portability means to carry. In the insurance world it means for a person to able to be insurable when leaving one employer to another. As in HIPAA (Health Insurance Portabliity and Accountability Act.) Check out the HIPAA laws all the information that you need is there. A person is guaranteed access to health insurance for small business. Guaranteed renewal of insurance regardless of health status of any member of a group. Guaranteed access for individuals that lose their group coverage due to loss of employment or change of jobs to a company without insurance. And Pre-Existing conditions cannot be imposed for workers with previous coverage and limited conditions treated or diagnosed within six months prior to enrollment in an insurance plan. I hope that helps.

What are the advantages of private health coverage?

"You will be guaranteed what you are getting for your money. You can change your plan and benefits at any time, and you won't have to worry about the company you work for switching things up on you."

Will your existing disability insurance premium change if your new job is in a higher risk class?

This is a very good question and it depends on your current disability contract. If your existing disability contract is non-cancellable and guaranteed renewable then the answer is no. If a contract is guaranteed renewable then the company guarantees that coverage cannot be cancelled as long as premiums are paid, however the company can increase the rates. If a contract is non-cancellable in addition to guaranteed renewable then the company cannot change the policy provisions or increase the rates. In summary it if your existing policy is non-cancellable and guaranteed renewable then changing occupations will not change your premium or change your benefits.

Does the employer pays the premium for the COBRA coverage?

No, when Cobra goes into effect, the (former) employee pays the entire portion of the premium. Although possibly very expensive, the coverage is guaranteed and possibly at better rates than going out to buy individual coverage since it is a group plan.

What are the key benefits provided by Atlas Travel Insurance?

There are many key benefits that are provided by Atlas Travel Insurance. They have guaranteed acceptance, coverage for pre-existing conditions, 100 percent coverage for injury outside of U.S., and many others.

If you were laid off and apply for insurance coverage on your wife's group policy do you have to answer a medical questionnaire?

Did you have coverage before? If so, then you are probably guaranteed issue into your wife's group plan - as it would be a "special enrollment" If there is a medical questionnaire - it's for determining premium, not if you will be covered

How to Get Health Insurance Quotes After Being Diagnosed with Heart Disease?

As many consumers already know, health insurance providers are less likely to insure people with preexisting conditions. If you have been diagnosed with heart disease in the past, it may be extremely difficult to obtain health insurance quotes. After being denied coverage from several providers, you may want to apply for a guaranteed issue insurance policy. These policies are designed to cover consumers with preexisting conditions. The downside is that most guaranteed policies will not cover costs associated the condition for a certain period after purchasing the policy. Fortunately, once the wait period is up, the guaranteed policy will begin offering more complete coverage.

What kind of premium can I expect to pay if I get guaranteed issue coverage?

Car insurence means you'll pay 1000 every six months. Health insurance means you'll pay 500 a month.

Is an insurance company required to provide health insurance to an individual?

That depends on where you live and what kind of coverage you are looking for. In almost all circumstances an insurance company can not refuse to cover an employee on a company plan. If you are looking for individual coverage then it will depend on if your state guarantees coverage. While it is nice to have coverage guaranteed for all, it is almost always more expensive in those states. Here in CA individual coverage is fully underwritten, meaning you can be denied. Consequently, those they do cover they can do so for less. If you are in an underwritten state and are declined check to see if there is a state high risk pool you can join. If not, look at a guaranteed acceptance defined benefit plan. If you need help please let me know (