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Does Gwen like Ben?

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No she likes Ken. Ben and her are cousins.

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What does Ben and Gwen look like in ben10 evolutions?

ben and Gwen will have beards and a really ugly clothes! ,also they will die in episode 5 named end of ben and Gwen

What is Gwen tennysons alien?

No!! Kevin does not like Gwen he tries to go away from ben and Gwen from ages. But does he give up? Actually Gwen's favorite cousin is Ben. Have you seen ben ten alien force episode 1 Where ben asks Gwen that how is my favorite cousin and Gwen hugs ben.

What alien race is Gwen Tennyson from Ben 10?

Gwen Tennyson, like her cousin Ben, is a human/Anodite hybrid.

Did Gwen kiss Ben?

No, Ben and Gwen never kissed.

Does cooper like Gwen in ben 10?

in the original no

Are Kevin and Gwen in love?

Yes, probably they are. But i'd like to see Gwen and ben together.

Does ben kiss Gwen?

Gwen kissed Ben in Ben ten alien force. she really likes him. Anyway ben and Gwen will all ways be together.

Who is Gwen in Ben 10?

Gwen is Ben's cosin in Ben 10

Does ben like Gwen?

Actually they had a crush when they were 10 yrs old, but now nah Ben likes Julie, and Gwen has a major crush on Kevin!

Is ben servant of Gwen?

no, ben and gwen are cousins cause their dads are brothers.

How old was Gwen in the original Ben 10?

Gwen is 10 in the original Ben 10.Gwen and Ben share their birthdays.Just watch episode7,season2:Camp Fear.

Did ben Gwen?


What is a ben 10 game that you can be Gwen in?

i think you can be Gwen in ben 10 alien force the game

Who are the characters in ben 10?

The main characters in Ben 10 are Grandfather Max, Gwen and Ben, in Ben 10:Alien Force and Ultimate Alien are Ben, Gwen and Kevin.

What was Kevin davis family like?

No he does not, Gwen marries Ben. and I do not know about Kevin.

What Ben 10 episode has Ben or Gwen tied up gag was Ben tied to a chair and tape gaged in Ben 10 and was Gwen tied up in rope and ro tape gag dos Ben tie Gwen up gag her dos Gwen tie Ben up gag him?

In season 2, episode 8 "Ultimate Weapon", Gwen is tied up with rope in the temple. She is not gagged. Neither Ben nor Gwen tie each other up in the series.

Does ben love Gwen?

Does Ben love Gwen?I think so sure of that , anyway if you watch Ben 10 you will know . Kevin Levin is their enemy not a friend for Ben or even a boyfriend for Gwen , if you watch Ben 10 alien force you will think that Kevin & Gwen love each other , Ben & Joly love each other , i have a suggestion ((why don't July & Kevin love each other , Ben & Gwen love each other )) i hope so very much why not? Ben & Gwen were loving each other when Ben was 10 years old when he discovered the "omntricks"

BEN 10 Gwen tennyson's birthday?

In ben 10 which day in december that's gwen tennyson's birthday

Is there episode if ben 10 where Gwen ben get tied up or get tied up gagged?

is there a episode where ben 10 saves gwen and shes gagged

How old is Gwen from ben 10?

gwen is 10 years old

How old is Gwen in ben 10?

Gwen is 10 years old.

Ben 10 - BenGwen?

ben is cousin of Gwen

Are there any ben 10 and Gwen games online for free?

No sorry But there is a game that you can play at ben,Kevin and Gwen and it's (ben 10 alien force)

Did ben love Gwen?

Ben Tennyson is the lead character on the "Ben 10" franchise. His cousin is Gwen Tennyson and they love each other because they are family.

What rhymes with ren?

Gwen and ben

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