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Does Hannah Montana have a step mom?

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Yes her name is Tish

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Does hannah montana have a mom?

yes this part is from 4everhannah. yes she does but her REAL mom died. :( so sad. but she does have a step mom named Tish.

Why is Miley Cyrus mom not on Hannah Montana?

they never ask her to go on to Hannah Montana

Was Hannah Montana mom in the movie?


Rumor is Hannah Montana is the next Britney Spears?

No Hannah Montana is not the next Brittany. She is just doing the same as every teenager girl there is out there!! And even her step mom said she is a good person.

Did Hannah Montana mom died?

yes she did

Who does Hannah Montana study with?

She studies with her mom

Is Hannah Montana mom dead?

unfortunately, no.

Is Hannah Montana mom alive?

Yes she is .

Is Hannah Montana's mom really dead and who is her mom?

In the TV show Hannah Montana her mom is dead but not in real life

Did Hannah Montana lost her mom when she was little?

No. Her real mom is alive.

How did miley's mom die on Hannah Montana?

she had cancer

What is Hannah Montana mom real name?


In Hannah Montana what happend to mileys mom?

In Hannah Montana, Miley's mom died when she was real little, i think she died from i car crash i don't exactly know

HOW did Hannah Montana's moom die?

In the show Hannah Montana her mom died but in real life her mom is still alive

Who wrote who says by Hannah Montana?

Her dad wrote all the Hannah Montana songs but her mom helps with the Miley Cyrus ones.

What happened to Hannah Montana after her parents breakup?

this kid that i watch watches hannah montana and i heared her mom died but her dad lives with her.

Where are Hannah Montana parents from?

tenessee and i dont know where her mom is from

What is Miley Cyrus mom complete name?

Hannah Montana

Who plays Lily's Mom on Hannah Montana?

Heather Locklear

In Hannah Montana how did the mom die?

An unfortunate car crash... :(

Did they show how Miley Stewarts mom died on Hannah Montana?


Will mylie Cyrus mom be on the Hannah Montana?

No, Miley Cyrus' mom won't ever be on 'Hannah Montana' because in the show Miley Cyrus acted as if her mom wer dead. That's why she created the song 'I miss you' for the show.

What is Hannah Montana step brothers name?

Brandon Cyrus.

Who is related to Hannah Montana?

Hannah Montana is related to Billy Ray Cyrus(dad),Tish Cyrus(mom), And little sisters.But i forgot their names :( Hannah Montana is related to Billy Ray Cyrus(dad),Tish Cyrus(mom), And little sisters.But i forgot their names :(

What is Hannah Montana mom name?

hannahs mom's name is billy

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