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Does Hope Partlow have a snail mail address?

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Why do you give people your address?

to contact you via snail mail

What is Matthew McConaughey's fan mail address?

The only address for fan mail is by snail-mail no email address. Matthew McConaughey P.O. Box 596 Zachary LA 70791

What is Tom Shadyac's email address?

I would like the email or snail mail address for Tom Shadyac.

Advantages and disadvantages of snail mail?

advntages and disadantages of snail mail

What does snail mail and email have in common?

They rhyme snail, mail and email.

What are advantages and disadvantages of snail mail?

snail mail is not as fast as emails

What are the 19 digit keys to unlock snail mail?

snail mail

What address can snail mail be sent to Omarion?

5546 Onacrest Drive Los Angeles CA

Is it possible to email or contact snail mail Azumi Kawashima?

Azumi Kawashima does not give out an email or snail mail address. This adult star does have a Facebook page, and she may be contacted via her Facebook timeline.

What is the mailing address for Bill O'reilly from O'reilly Factor?

I don't know his snail mail address, but O'Reilly can be emailed at

Is as a simile or a metaphor?

as is a simile because metaphor describes what something is eg mail is snail mail (like mail is slow) and a simile is what its like eg mail is as slow as a snail or mail is like a snail

What is the snail mail address for Andrew clements?

23 Old Nourse St. Westbourough, MA 01581

What are the Disadvantages of electroic mail?

SPAM. Because e-mail is very cheap compared to snail mail, it's easy to send commercial messages to people having an e-mail address.

What is the snail mail address of Stanford University?

Stanford University 450 Serra Mall Stanford, CA 94305

What is Chuck Norris's snail mail address?

Chuck NorrisBox 872Navasota, TX 77868USA

What is snail mail?

Snail mail is a term used to describe mail delivered through the postal service. The name implies that postal service mail is forwarded at a snail's pace, compared to the speed of email. snail mail is also a game on its an aesome game it may sound stupid ,but its quite fun but you have to download it. what you have to do is ggo through a bunch of obsticals to deliver mail. and youre a snail. hence the name snail mail.

Who wrote the book snail mail no more?

The book Snail Mail No More was written by Paula Danziger.

What is the fullform of snail-mail?

mail that travels very slowly

What is Dustin Hoffman's fan email?

I didn't find an e-mail address but I did find a snail mail fanmail address. Fan Mail Address: Dustin Hoffman Punch Productions, Inc. 11661 San Vincente Blvd., Suite 222 Los Angeles, CA 90049 USA

Is a Email the same thing as an Email address?

No, E-mail stands for Electronic Message. An Email is like a snail mail letter. An email address is your user name plus the email provider name, like yahoo.

What is the name of the game like Snail Mail?

Do you mean Snail Bob

Do you get an order confirmation in the mail from Amazon?

Snail-mail: No. E-mail: Yes.

What are the disadvantages of snail-mail?

The main disadvantages of snail mail are the speed at which it gets to the person. It can also get lost in the post and be subject to other delays. The cost of snail mail is another thing and the amount of time it takes if you want to send multiple letters.

What is the difference between snail mail and email?

"Snail mail" is another term for postal mail. Snail mail goes through the post office, whereas email goes through internet networks, sending much faster than postal service.

What is Jerry Trainor's email address?

Jerry Trainor has not made a e-mail address public. Though he does have a snail mail address Jerry Trainor, ICM Partners 10250 Constellation Blvd 9th Floor, Los Angeles, CA 90067-6209 USA.