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Does Icheat hold Pokemon Diamond cheats?

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yes it has lots of cheats for Pokemon diamond i have it right in front of me now

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Does you cheat hold Pokemon cheats?

Yes, my cheat holds Pokemon cheats.

How can you hold 7 Pokemon or more on Pokemon diamond?

You can't. You can only hold up to 6 Pokemon at a time.

What is the diamond used for?

The diamond is a hold item that Dialga, the legendary Pokemon in Pokemon diamond, holds, making its moves stronger or do more damage.

How many Pokemon can you keep in diamond?

as many as all the Pokemon boxes can hold

What are the Pokemon Diamond r4 cheats?

Here are the Pokemon diamond R4 cheats. Cheat 1. Get high Exp to level Pokemon (Hold R button after battle) Cheat 2. Run/walk through walls. Cheat 3. x999 items (press L+R button) Cheat 4. 999 master ball Cheat 5 999 rare candy cheat 6 press R and L to get 300 of any Pokemon

How do you elvoled hhydon Pokemon diamond?

Make it hold a protector and trade it.

How do you use the shoes on Pokemon diamond?

all you do is press B and hold it

How do you run in Pokemon Diamond?

hold down B while you move

Who is the protector for on Pokemon diamond?

On Pokemon Diamond the Protector is a hold item for Rhydon. It is required for Rhydon to evolve into Rhyperior when traded while holding the Protector.

How do you use Pokemon cheats in emerald?

hold down l than it will pop up

Cheats for hold the line?

what are the cheats for hold the line

What is the cheat for lot of master balls cheats for Pokemon ruby vba?

well you can make a Pokemon hold a master ball and clone Pokemon

What buttons should you hold when catchig Pokemon on diamond?

continuasly press a and up until the Pokemon is caught

Effect Of Light Ball In Pokemon Diamond?

specifically made for pikachu to hold

How do you get a Metal Coat in Pokemon Diamond?

you can find one in iron island or wild Pokemon like steelix hold it

Where is the wonder spot on Pokemon Diamond?

You can't find it in the game. You can only get it at special Pokemon events. They don't hold them for Diamond anymore considering Black and White is now out.

Can a wild Pichu also hold a light ball in Pokemon diamond?

It is very rare, but yes, they can hold that item in the wild.

What evoles with the protector in Pokemon diamond?

make rhydon hold the protecter and trade it then it will evolve

How do you get an electrolizer in Pokemon diamond version?

wild elekids hold them but its only a 5% chance they will

Can you have more than six Pokemon Battle Revolution?

its really stupid! you can only hold 6 pokemon!even with cheats doesn't work.

Short action replay code for a shiny latios in Pokemon platinum?

have u got cheats? ok go to your cheats and press shiny Pokemon.then go to the Pokemon cheats and press latios.then go into the game and when u go in the grass hold select.

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