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Does Itachi Uchiha die?

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Yes. Itachi does indeed die.

Note: the following information was given by Tobi (Madara), who

has already shown that he lied during the story (saying that he

didn't summon the Kyubi), this story might be false as well.

After being ordered to by the Konoha Management, Itachi (with

the help of Madara) eliminates his entire clan, save his little

brother Sasuke, of which he couldn't bring himself to kill.

After eliminating his clan, he runs from the village, and joins

Akatsuki. He wanted Sasuke to keep viewing him as a bad person, and

he could also gather information on the inside in case it will be

useful later.

When Itachi and Sasuke fight, Itachi is already very ill, and

mostly blind by the Mangekyou Sharingan. Sasuke eventually wins the

battle. Itachi pokes him on his forehead like he used to do when

Sasuke was younger (transferring his powers to Sasuke to protect

him), and then dies.

Tobi later on tells him the story of the Uchiha clan, how Itachi

was forced to kill his own clan, and Sasuke now intends to destroy

Konoha for what they did to his brother.

Itachi let Sasuke kill him, because when Itachi dies you'll

notice that Itachi uses a very strong power that can kill Sasuke.

Instead of using it to try to kill Sasuke he used it to free Sasuke

from Orochimaru's curse mark. Itachi let Sasuke win because he

loved him and he wanted to let Sasuke get his revenge.

He wanted Sasuke to come out as a hero and appear more


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