Does JCPenney Company have a Stress management program?

No, they are a mess in 1997 I worked for a store that got demolished, 10 years later they are remolding a store that needs more SQUARE footage, expansion not the waste of remolding that deceptively looks bigger but is NOt. All the elevator tags are expired minors use freight elevators. They sold a lot of real estate invested it had tremondous profitt. I just want to no how much they paid for the remodel at 1321 and if they bought the Parisians proprery from Legett and Platt (BELK) or are leasing it it was a wonderful Tahlheimers, BELk , Parisians , Penney is going to opening its 2nd store in the same mall within 15 years. They break labor laws , have crappy pay , no attendance policy, that's how it is at 1321