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No. Jamie Scott did not die on "One Tree Hill" he was in a serious accident tho. but no he did not die.

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Did clay die in One Tree Hill?

Clay did not die in One Tree Hill. He had a near death experience but he did not die.

What episode of One Tree Hill does jamie and brooke almost die in?

Season 8 episode 12 darkness on the edge of town

Did brooke die on One Tree Hill?

No, Brooke didn't die on One Tree Hill. Where in the world did you hear that? wat the hell where did u hear that

Does Quinn die in One Tree Hill?

No. Quinn does not die.

Does Peyton die from One Tree Hill?

No, Peyton does not die.

Is Nathan dead on One Tree Hill?

Nathan Scott does not die at all through out the show of One Tree Hill

Does Nathan Scott die in One Tree Hill?

The character of Nathan Scott will be returning in Season seven of one tree hill.

Does dan die on One Tree Hill?

Dan has not died on One Tree Hill. He just lives in hiding, and has appearing during the 8th season.

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