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Yes, he owns a 106 foot yacht.

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Does Jeff Gordon still have his yacht?

Yes he does. He was just in Key West on it.

How much of the 48 car does Jeff Gordon own?

Jeff Gordon is half owner of the #48 car along with Rick Hendrick.

Does Jeff Gordon own his own car?

No.Although he is part owner in the HMS stable,Rick Hendrick is the owner of the #24.Jeff Gordon is the owner of the #48 driven by Jimmie Johnson!

How many race cars does Jeff Gordon own?

One. Jeff Gordon is part owner of Jimmie Johnson's #48 car, along with Rick Hendrick.

Is Jeff Gordon a girl?

No, Jeff Gordon is a guy.

Is Jeff Gordon a millionaire?

Yes he is. Jeff Gordon is a multimillionaire.

Did Jeff Gordon go to college?

No. Jeff Gordon has not been to college.

Does Jeff Gordon own Jimmie Johnson's race car?

Yes. Along with Rick Hendrick, Jeff Gordon co-owns the #48 Lowe's car driven by Jimmie Johnson.

Is Jeff Gordon married?

Yes. Jeff Gordon is married to Ingrid Vandebosch.

Where was Jeff Gordon born?

Jeff Gordon was born in Vallejo, California, US.

When was Jeff Gordon born?

Jeff Gordon was born on August 4, 1971.

How much does Jeff Gordon weigh?

Jeff Gordon weighs 150 lbs.

Is Jeff Gordon racing in 2011?

Yes, Jeff Gordon is racing in 2011.

Who is Jeff Gordon married to?

Jeff Gordon is married to model Ingrid Vandenbosch.

Has Jeff Gordon been in jail?

No, Jeff Gordon has never been in jail.

How is Jeff Gordon connected to Indiana?

Jeff Gordon grew up in Indiana

What percentage does Jeff Gordon own of Jimmie Johnson's race team?

Jeff Gordon is a part owner of Jimmie Johnson's race car, while Rick Hendrick owns the other half.

Are Kim Gordon and Jeff Gordon close?

Jeff Gordon and Kim Gordon are siblings. Kim is older than Jeff by 4 years. The two are presumed to be close to each other.

Where can you find a picture of Jeff Gordon's yacht?


How tall is Jeff Gordon?

5'7" Click on the link below for Jeff Gordon information.

What is the last race that Jeff Gordon will race in?

Nobody, including Jeff Gordon, knows the answer to that.

Does Jeff Gordon have a brother or sister?

Jeff Gordon has an older sister named Kim.

How is Jeff Gordon related to Bill Ward?

Jeff Gordon and Bill Ward are not related.

How did Jeff Gordon die?

Nascar driver Jeff Gordon is still alive and well.

How old is Nascar driver Jeff Gordon?

Jeff Gordon is 41 years old.

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