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here's ur answer!

John Cena is currenetly separated from liz... both parties are dating other people

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Who John cena a girlfriend?

john cena'$ girlfriend is mickie James

Does WWE wrestler john cena have a girlfriend?

yes john cena does have a girlfriend.

What are ten questions you can ask about John Cena?

does john cena have a girlfriend? is he gay? does he have a myspace? does john cena have a girlfriend? is he gay? does he have a myspace?

Who was with john cena in cena vs rikishi rap battle?

John cena was with his girlfriend Maria

Do john cena have a girlfriend?


WWE superstar John Cena is he MARRIED?

No, John Cena is NOT Married. But I am not sure if he has a girlfriend or not but I don't think he does. U, are right John Cena is not Married. But has a awesome Girlfriend and she lives in the UK.

You want john cena can you go out with him?

No he has a girlfriend

Does John Cena have any children?

John Cena doesn't have any children and he's not planning on having any. He reiterated this recently with current girlfriend (as of September 2014) WWE Diva Nikki Bella.

Does john cena have a girlfriend or kids?

yes bobby cena with wife nichoul

Are mickie James and john cena having a baby or do they have a baby?

No but John Cena is marrying his longtime girlfriend this summer.

Is john cena enaged to mickey James right now?

John Cena is married to his longtime girlfriend Liz.

Does john cena have a hot girlfriend?

John Cena is engaged\married to a girl he has been dating for many years

Does John Cena have a current girlfriend on another website it says that John has proposed to his long time girlfriend is it true?

== == Feb 2009 According to Cena's latest interview he and Liz will be married by the end of the year

Does WWE superstar john cena have a girlfriend?

No, he doesnt.

John cena has a girlfriend or what?

No, he didn't have any girlfriend, but He has got a Wife from 2009 to 2012 and She calls Elisabeth Huberdeau.

Does John Cena have a girlfriend in the WWE?

Yes John Cena kissed Aj Lee so there going out on a date (not married)

What does john cena look for in a girlfriend?

hes married. your out of luck...

Does john cena love kelly kelly now as a friend or as a girlfriend?

They were never boyfriend/girlfriend they have always been just friends. Cena is married.

Does John Cena have a Girl Friend or a wife?

He has a girlfriend dumb oneHe has a girlfriend dumb one

Does John Cena has a girlfriend on WWE diva?

John Cena is not dating a diva at this time. the only Diva he has ever dated was Mickie James.

Who is John Cena's girlfriend and does he have kids?

John Cena is married to his girlfriend Elizabeth Huberdeau. They were married on July 11, 2009. They do not have children.

Does John Cena have a girlfriend?

No. He is currently happily married to Elizabeth Huberdeau.

In 2009 doees john cena have a girlfriend?

yes he does, but she is not in the wrestling business

Is john cena too busy to have a girlfriend?

yeah busy guy

Have any pictures of Jon cena and girlfriend?

no john cena is single he has his dad live in his house with him and his dog bobby