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Does John Cena have children?

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How many children does John Cena have?

John Cena does not have any children.

His john jr cena have children?

No John Cena Jr doesnt have children but he has a wife

Does john cena WWE superstar have kids?

No . John Cena does not have any children but he is married.

What is Johns cena kids name?

John Cena has no children yet.

Do john cena got chidlren?

John Cena does not have any children. I think we can all say that he will have children since he is getting married later in the year. CONGRATULAtIONS CENA! lol.

Was John Cena on married with children?

hes married and has children

Who are John cena's children?

John Cena doesn't have kids.

How old are John Cena's daughters?

John Cena has no children.

Does John Cena have a baby?

no. he does not have any children.

Does John Cena have a boy?

no he doesn't have a children.

How many daughters does john cena have?

he has no children

Is carol cena dead?

Carol Cena is not dead. Carol Cena is the mother of five children. Her most famous child is John Cena.

Who is john cena's daughter?

John Cena doesn't have any children. yes he does

Does John Felix Anthony Cena have children?

No, John Cena does not have children, but since he was recently married, I'm sure it is an option but probably in the future, due to his busy schedule and all

Does John Cena and maria date?

they used to date but now john cena has a wife and two daughters. he has a wife he doesnt have children yet

Is WWE superstar john cena single?

No he is not. He is married and has 1 child No John Cena is NOT Married and he has NO children how ever he has a Girlfriend in the uk. Above is totally a lie. John Cena is currently married to a women named Elizabeth, there is wedding photos on if you like to check it out but what is right is that they have no children.

Does john cena has a son?

Yes John Cena does have a son. November 2009- No Cena and Liz have no children with each other or with anyone else. You are very wrong! Try doing some research!

Does John Cena have any children?

John Cena doesn't have any children and he's not planning on having any. He reiterated this recently with current girlfriend (as of September 2014) WWE Diva Nikki Bella.

What is john cena children names?

John Cena has two daughters but I don't know their names. he is also married but filed for a divorce on 10th may 2012

Is John cena bad?

No. John Cena is not bad. If John Cena was bad, he would not care about his fans. John Cena will always support his fans so John Cena is GOOD!!!!!

Is Juan Cena related to John Cena?

JOHN CENA and JUAN Cena are cousins

Who won the royal rumble in 2008?

John CenaJohn Cena

What is the nam of John cena?

john cena

Who is Stronger John Cena or John Morrison?

john cena

Do John cena have a crush on somebody?

did john cena have sex with somebody and way did john cena do that to his wife like that that is so sad that john cena do that to her wow