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Does Johnny Crawford have any children?

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No, Johnny didn't marry until late in life.

Johnny has a younger brother Joey. He was on the Rifalman once, they looked very much alike then. I never heard he had a sister
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Did actor Johnny Crawford ever have children?

Johnny Crawford, who was in the television series, The Rifleman does not have any children. He retired from acting in 1999.

Is johnny crawford gay?

There has never been a rumor or any other indication that Johnny Crawford is gay, now or ever.

Does randy crawford have any children?

no he does not

When was Johnny Crawford born?

Johnny Crawford was born on March 26, 1946.

Did johnny crawford appear in the wrath of kahn?

No - Johnny Crawford did not appear in "The Wrath of Kahn".

Is Chace Crawford the son of Johnny Crawford?

Chace Crawford is the son of Chris Crawford, a dermatologist.

Is Noah Crawford related to Johnny Crawford?

No. The only sibiling of chase crawford is Candice Crawford. xox

How old is Johnny Crawford?

Johnny Crawford is 71 years old (birthdate: March 26, 1946).

Is Johnny Crawford who played Mark McCain deceased?

As of December 2010, Johnny Crawford is still alive.

Did Johnny Ramone ever have children?

Johnny Ramone never had any children.

Did johnny ramone ever have any children?

Hey, Johnny Ramone did not have children

Is Bobby Crawford a brother to Johnny Crawford?

Yes, they are brothers.

Was Johnny Crawford ever married?

yes in 1995 to Charlotte Crawford

Who is johnny crawford father?

Robert Lawrence Crawford, Sr.

Did johnny appleseed have any children?

Johnny Appleseed (John Chapman) never married and didn't father any children.

Did Randy Crawford have children?

Does anybody know does Randy Crawford have children

What is the sexual orientation of Johnny Crawford?

Johnny Crawford is heterosexual and has been married to Charlotte Samco since 1995.

Does Johnny Mathis have any children?


Did johnny crawford play on gunsmoke?


Is Johnny Crawford related to Jeanette McCurdy?


What is Johnny Crawford's birthday?

Johnny Crawford was born on March 26, 1946.

Is Randy Crawford Jr. of the TV western Laramie related to Johnny Crawford of the TV western The Rifleman?

Randy Crawford Jr., a jazz singer born in 1952, is not related to Johnny Crawford. Of course, it is possible that way back the Crawford name came from a common source.

What is johnny crawford doing these days?

I have an autographed picture and Johnny Crawford was singing with a band in Los Angeles California several years ago. My sister knows him.

Is johnny galecki from the big bang theory have any children?

He currently has no children.

Does johnny Knoxville have any children?

Yes, three.