Does Josh Ramsay do drugs

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AnswerJosh Ramsay is a recovering addict. he has done herion and he has smoked. most of his songs are related to his addiction.

I don't know if he is an addict or not but he is certainly not brain dead. He played in my town yesterday and he could talk just fine. He signed stuff for the fans, he thanked us all for coming and is very nice polite person and anyone who says otherwise is a very rude person.

^ First of all, stating "I don't know" is not an answer, and no one ever said he was braindead. Josh Ramsay's past does not make him stupid, and also no one said he couldn't talk :S. I am not a rude person for answering correctly to this question. Next time you want to answer a question, actually answer it, and don't be rude.

"I don't know" was being honest and the previous awnser stated he was braindead so there. and you were coming off as kind of rude for saying that . And he may have had an addiction but ya that kind of does make him stupid. My point is he is recovered, a very polite person and you should rethink your opinion on me and Josh Ramsay who is a very sucsessful young musician.

Thanks for listening!!!!!

Josh Ramsay still smokes, i saw him smoking at the concert in medicine hat. He is a very nice person and i am extremely lucky to have gotten to meet him. And can u ppl please stop trying to stiir up drama???? thank- you

Josh Ramsay is a recovering addict. He was addicted to heroin when he was in high school, but is now clean. His song "Lover Dearest" from the newest Marianas Trench album "Masterpiece Theatre" is about his addiction to heroin.

^The song is not about his addiction to herion. He wrote it as a love letter while he was in rehab for being addicited to herion.

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Q: Does Josh Ramsay do drugs
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