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Does Jupiter or Saturn have the most moons?

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Jupiter has more moons than Saturn.

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Does Jupiter have the most moons in the solar system?

No. Saturn does. Wrong! Jupiter does have the most, with 63 moons. Saturn, as of 4th May 2005, has 46 moons.

Which two planets have the most moons?

Jupiter and Saturn have the most moons.

Does Saturn have most moons?

No, Jupiter has the most number of moons with 63 moons. Saturn is only the second with a number of 61 moons.

What 3 planets have the most moons?

These 3 planets have the most moons: Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus Jupiter - 63 Saturn - 61 Uranus - 22

What two planets have the most moons?

Jupiter with 63 moonsSaturn with 61 moons

How many moons does Saturn and Jupiter?

At this moment Jupiter has 63 moons and moonlets Saturn has 60

Does Saturn have the most moons in the solar system?

Yes, earlier people believed Jupiter did, but it is now known that Saturn has the most moons.

Earth has one moon but which planet has the most moons?

The planet with the most moons is JUPITER as it has 62 moons and then SATURN with 33 moons.

What is the planet in your solar system that has over 30 moons?

Jupiter and Saturn both have over 30 moons. Jupiter has the most moons at 63.

Does Uranus have the most moons?

No. Both Saturn and Jupiter have more known moons (60+).

Is Saturn the planet with the second most moons?

Saturn has 60 moons (at last count). Jupiter has 63 moons. There may be planets in other solar systems with more moons, but in our solar system, Saturn has the second most moons.

What number moon in Saturn?

there are about 31 moons in Saturn. though Jupiter has got the most number of moons; at least 63.

What planet has thousands of rings and most satellites?

Saturn has the most rings but Jupiter has the most satellites (moons) 63 known moons to date compered with 60 known moons of Saturn.

Does Jupiter or Saturn have more moons?

Jupiter does. It has 63 and Saturn has, as of 4th May 2005, 46 known moons.

Does Saturn have the most moons?

Yes. Earlier people thought that Jupiter had the most moons, but they have now discovered that Saturn has 62 moon, the most of any planet.

What two planet have moons?

Jupiter and Saturn have moons

How many satellites do Jupiter and Saturn have?

Jupiter has 63 moons and Saturn has 60.

Which planet has more moons Jupiter or Saturn?

Jupiter has 63 moons.Saturn 62 moons with confirmed orbit's. I think Saturn has more moons as they are more moons yet to be found.

Why do Jupiter and Saturn have so many moons?

Jupiter and Saturn are the most massive planets in the solar system and so have the greatest gravitational effect.

Which planets have more moons Saturn or Venus?

Saturn has more moons than Venus. Saturn is second to Jupiter.

How many moons do Jupiter Saturn Uranus Neptune?

Jupiter has 66 moons, Saturn has 63, Uranus has 27, and Neptune has 13. This works out to a total of 169 moons.

What are the 4 largest moons of Saturn?

Jupiter has 19 more moons around it than saturn.

What type of planet would have the most moons?

A gas giant would have the most moons, seeing as Jupiter has 63 moons, and Saturn has 61 moons, both of which are gas giants.

What is the number of moons on saturn?

62 known Jupiter moons to be exact.

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