Does Justin Bieber go on chatroulette?

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He went on it once and thought it was weird. He didn't go back on it
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When is Justin Bieber going to Hartford?

listen you ... he is gonna perform in Hartford because i went on his myspace and it showed where he was going too perform in the whole entire year of 2010

When did Justin Bieber go on radiodisney?

Justin bieber already been on radio Disney go on you tube and type in Justin bieber on radio Disney or taking over radio Disney thank you i hope you have have a lap top or som
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What websites does Justin Bieber go on?

It is unknown all of the websites Justin Bieber uses. Although, we do know he was discovered from a YouTube video, and he has a Facebook page and Twitter account.
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Is Justin Bieber going to die?

well, everyone dies at some point. so the answer to this question is yes, he is not going to live for ever.