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yes he did play on the NBA team and he was playing on TV

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โˆ™ 2011-05-26 21:32:32
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Q: Does Justin Bieber play on NBA basketball team?
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Who is Justin Bieber's favorite Basketball team?

Justin Biebers favorite basketball team is suns basketball

What basketball team does Justin Bieber like?

Justin Bieber likes the lakers

What is Justin Bieber basketball team name?

the lakers

Which football team does justin bieber play for?

Justin Bieber does not play for a football team, as he is a famous Canadian pop singer.

What Justin bieber's favorite basketball team?

he likes the lakers

Justin Bieber favorite basketball team?

Cleveland CavaLiers

What is Justin Bieber's favorit basketball team?

L.A Lakers

What basketbaal team does Justin Bieber play for?

Justin PLay's for the Atlanta team I love You justin>>>>>>>>33333333333333

What team did Justin Bieber play on?

well i think it could be justin combs when he was just alittle bit younger he played on a basketball team at his school.he does skateboarding and football,soccor and basketball still......your welcome!

What is Justin Bieber's faveourite basketball team?

His favorite basketball team is the Cleveland Cavs he specificly said it on youtube

What is Justin Bieber's favourite basketball teem?

Los Angeles Lakers ! Amazing team!

Does Justin Bieber like baseball?

He use to be on a Basketball team. But, im not shure if still is. But, yes he likes basketball.

Does justin bieber like new orleans hornets basketball team?

Justin Bieber hasn't made any public statements on whether he does or doesn't like the New Orleans Hornets. His favorite basketball team is the LA Lakers.

What is Justin Bieber favorite basetball team?

Justin Bieber's favorite basketball team is the....... Maple Leaves in Toronto, Canada. Hope this helps! Love all of y'all JB lovers!

Did Justin bieber ever play soccer?

Justin Bieber did play on a soccer team because on his movie Never Say Never his friend showed a picture of him and his friend at the bottom of the picture I LOVE JUSTIN BIEBER #1 JUSTIN BIEBER FAN!

What is Justin Bieber favorite basketball team?

Listen Justin Bieber's favorite basketball team is the Cleavland Cavaliers and i dont know who answered this before me but, just for an FYI if you dont know Justin Bieber as good as i do then dont think you know him good enough to answer a question about him.And you can also say the Lakers too.

What hockey team did Justin bieber play for in school?

Alanta Knights

What is Justin Bieber's basketball number?

12Hes not on a team so he doesnt have a number.... sorryhe was number 12

What hockey team does Justin Bieber play on?

I am the ultamite JDB (justin drew bieber) fan and i know everything about him and he played for the atlanta knights

Does Justin Bieber have pre-show rituals?

Him and team put their hands in a circle and say rock rock rock win win win play play play Justin Justin Justin

What is Justin Bieber's favorite college basketball team?

it is the North Carolina Tarheels go UNC! BOO DUKE FANS

What is the favorite basketball team of Justin Bieber?

They were the Detroit Pistons and Lakers, but now it is the Cleveland Cavaliars. I've see many-a-match with him.

Which team does Justin Bieber support?

Team Jacob of course!!

Was Justin Bieber a hockey player?

he likes to play hockey and his favorite team is the Toronto maple leafs

What league does Justin Bieber play for?

He use to have a hockey team at his old school called Alanta Knights.