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Does Kanye West wear boxers and briefs?


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i am from England we wear briefs boxers briefs and boxers all kind of underwear all older men wear briefs all teens boxers briefs so that helped you

He wears boxers and boxer briefs.

I think boxers i agree. boxers are awesome and briefs, tighty whities, and boxers briefs are just stupid and uncomfortable to wear

At my school, the popular teens wear boxers. Boxers, boxers, boxers! The teens that are caught in the locker room in tighty-whities and briefs are usually made fun of. I suggest to fit in you wear boxers.

briefs are £$^!! so are boxers, wear boxer briefs, in bed especial.

Zac Efron wears briefs Justin bieber briefs / boxers briefs Ryan briefs john cena Briefs

Some people do when they are trying to change from boxer briefs to just boxers people also do it with briefs and wear them under boxers to get used to the feel of boxers then just wear boxers

john cena answered the boxers or briefs in a interview interviewer boxers or briefs john cena - right now gray briefs in the ring briefs or boxers briefs john cenas blue underwerar and white are briefs and the camo are boxer briefs

you should wear boxers because not only r they more attractive but if u wear briefs, you could get a wedgie and that will hurt! Boxers are more boxers....I'm gay, but I deffinately like it when guys wear boxers, or at least boxer briefs....Hope that helps!

Why wouldn't you just wear boxer briefs by themselves? Best of both worlds. (differnt person) you should only wear what fell good in so if is boxers or boxers briefsor briefs

they wear boxers according to an interview

Yes, he Wears Boxers Briefs

Boxers because he's got to much stuff down there for briefs!!!!!!

interviewer boxers or briefs now john right now gray briefs interviewer in the ring briefs most of the time

NicK Jonas, Joe Jonas wear boxer-briefs and sometimes briefs.

awnser is no yes he mostly wear briefs and says he does but rarely wears boxers last seen in black briefs

he doesnt wear boxers, he wears briefs

briefs, just they dont say it

Briefs or boxers are a matter of personal preference. Some males prefer the extra support of briefs over boxers, while others prefer boxers as looser and less confining than briefs.

Boxers. And dont ask how I know ;)

He wears briefs...he's cute enough to get away with briefs

I wear briefs for work and boxers for bed to just get some air Jay R

American men wear briefs - about 10 to 1 over boxers. Umm No that's not right.. Most boys wear boxers..briefs are called tighty whities in America. And tighty whities wearers get wedgied all the time.

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