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Kevin Jonas is actually already married. He married Danielle Deleasa in 2009.

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Who is Kevin Jonas camp rock crush?

Kevin Jonas didnt have a camp rock crush

Who does Kevin Jonas has a crush on?


Does Kevin Jonas have a crush on aly?

no, he has a crush on @J_Man_Official #J_Man_OfficIAL #BOIZ

Kevin Jonas celebrity crush?

he is married so he does not have a crush on anyone

Who is Kevin Jonas celeb crush?

No one. Kevin is passionately in love with his wife, Danielle Jonas (maidin name: Dealesa)

What Jonas brother does Selena Gomez have a crush on?

Nick Jonas!!!! if she didnt then who would she have a crush on?any way Kevin is so ugly

Did you have a crush on one of the Jonas brothers?

Yes! I like Kevin and Joe! =)

Does Kevin Jonas have a crush on anyone?

He is engaged to his long term girlfriend Daniella.

Does Selena Gomez like Joe Jonas as in crush?

No, she does not. But in the Disney Channel Games 2008, Selena said that she had a crush on Kevin.

Who does Kevin Jonas have a crush on?

He likes Hilary Duff. And of course he likes his gf Danielle.

What is Kevin Jonas mmiddle name?

Kevin Jonas birth name is paul Kevin Jonas IIKevin Jonas birth name is paul Kevin Jonas II

Who is Kevin Jonas II?

that is Kevin Jonas from Jonas Brother he only gets called Kevin Jonas II/ Paul Kevin Jonas II because that's what is on his birth sheet and his dad is called Kevin Jonas I/Paul Kevin Jonas I

Who is the first Kevin Jonas?

the first Kevin Jonas is Kevin Jonas from the Jonas brothers bands dad he is the first

What is the meaning of k2 for Kevin Jonas?

Kevin Jonas is the 2nd Kevin Jonas So, K2= Kevin the second

Who is Kevin Jonas ll?

Kevin Jonas

Who is Paul Kevin Jonas Jr.?

Paul Kevin Jonas Jr is Kevin Jonas from the Jonas Brothers band. His father is Paul Kevin Jonas Sr. Both of them go by their middle name "Kevin".

Who is Kevin Jonas' REAL crush?

Kevin Jonas is currently engaged with a lady named Danielle, as he confirmed it to the public. But I would advise that you stay out of celebrity and/or regular peoples' personal lives, and focus on your own.

Who is oldest brother in the Jonas brothers?

Kevin Jonas

Does Kevin Jonas from the Jonas Brothers smoke?

No, Kevin Jonas, from the Jonas Brothers, does NOT smoke.

Who has Kevin Jonas had a crush on?

In teen magazine July 2008 issue he mentions he thinks Hilary Duff is cute.

Who is elder in the Jonas brothers?

Kevin Kevin Jonas. His full name is Paul Kevin Jonas II. XD Joe Jonas' older brother is Paul Kevin Jonas 2nd

Who's Kevin Jonas?

I would hope you would know who Kevin Jonas is.-either the musician Kevin Jonas-Mr. Jonas, the Jonas' dad.

Does Kevin Jonas have a son?

Kevin Jonas the first, (father of the Jonas Brothers) does have children but Kevin Jonas the second (the one in the Jonas Brothers band) does not.

Kevin sr Jonas?

Kevin Sr. Jonas is the Jonas Brothers (Kevin,Joe & Nick's)father.

What is mr Kevin Jonas full name?

Kevin Jonas full name is Paul Kevin Jonas

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