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Yeah she does, Lady Gaga original hair was born then she died it to blonde with highlights. But she does not wear a wig.

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What brand hair dye does Lady Gaga use?

Lady Gagas natural hair color is..... brown HUGE FAN OF LADY GAGA :) :) :) :) :)

Why did Lady Gaga dye her hair?

Lady Gaga changed her brunette hair to blonde because she was being mistaken for Amy Whinehouse.

Is Lady Gaga a brunette?

Yes, Lady Gaga is naturally a brunette but dyed her hair blonde. she didnt exactly dye it blonde, its more of a white............

Why did Lady Gaga dye her hair blonde?

I think that only lady Gaga knows why she dyed her hair blonde. But alot of people say that she dyed her hair because she looked like Amy Winehouse.

How does lady gaga dye her hair quickly?

1.She has nothing better to do all day. 2.She wears wigs.

Is Lady Gaga hair real?

is lady gaga hair real probably i mean shes gotta hav sum real hair!!!

Does Lady Gaga wash her hair?

yes lady gaga does wash her hair, if she didnt it would be gross looking, not fab like it does!

Does Lady Gaga ware a wig?

When she has curly hair she is wearing a wig. When it is strait NO. Yes, or she may dye it blond. Truly, her hair is brown. But who needs to know this crap? - Ashlee17

Lady Gaga real hair?

Lady Gaga's real hair is brunette and long.

What is Lady Gagas real hair?

Lady Gaga has long blonde straight hair.

Does Lady Gaga has curly or straight hair?

Lady Gaga has straight hair but can use a curling iron to curl it whenever she would like to.

Why does Lady Gaga dye her hair white?

Lady GaGa expresses her fashion sense, and why she chooses to be portrayed the same way in every shot and have the same look in this interview she did with Yahoo. Check it out! http://video.yahoo.com/watch/5166333/13664416 GoGaGa!

What is the name of the lady of death?

lady gaga stinks i know a boy that loves lady gaga you could here him singing lady gaga over the hair dryer haha

Why does Lady Gaga where wigs?

Lady Gaga wears wigs because she wants to keep her hair fancy.

Is Lady Gaga a real true blonde?

Lady Gaga is a blonde. Gaga gets her hair dyed so often, that it is hard to tell. But, her real, true hair color is blonde.

How do you look like lady gaga for Halloween?

Look online for some costumes. and get a wig, or dye your hair her color, go to a hair stylist preferrably so it's done right.

What is Lady Gaga real hair color?

lady gaga's real hair is brown in color

Is Lady Gaga quenn stafoni?

No, they are two different girls... Lady Gaga has the same colour hair but That's about it.

How do you get lady gaga hair on wooz world for free?

You need to ask someone if they are willing to sell there gaga hair

Does Lady Gaga look like Amy Winehouse?

Yes she does when she has black hair. Go to Google images and type in lady gaga with black hair and there you go.

Who finkd Lady Gaga is kl?

I think that lady gaga is kwl because she wears cool clothes and her hair is nice.

Is Lady Gaga had a skinhead?

no lady gaga has not got a skinhead and never has she as a bob cut and usually wear's hair extensions.

How did Lady Gaga look before she became gaga?

the same but black and brown hair

Why did Lady Gaga change her hair color?

Stefani Germonotta (Lady Gaga) bleaches her hair or wears a wig because people would mistake her for Amy Winehouse.

Is Lady Gaga a burnette?

Lady Gaga's original hair color is brown.

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