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No. According to 99.7's Frenando and Greg, Lady Gaga is scared of kids and does not want to have them. Whoever asked this question, the next question you want to ask to complete your mission is "Why is Lady Gaga scared of kids?"

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No, Lady GaGa is not married and does not have any children.

No, Lady Gaga does not as of yet have children.

No Gaga does not have kids.

No,Lady GaGa does not have kid's.

Lady Gaga currently does not have any children.

No lady gaga is not married and dose not have any kids she is also bisexual.

I cannot imagine a responsible parent finding any redeemable qualities in Lady Gaga, in fact, she frightens the devil out of me, and I am nearing sixty. This is an opinion question. Lady Gaga expresses herself openly, and many people admire that and want their kids to express themselves and have a voice. This does not mean every parent who agrees with this statement wants their kids to look like lady gaga. It means that they want their kids to have a voice and show it, through any way, wether its through clothes/looks or social networking etc. However many people think Lady Gaga is weird, and do not want their kids to look up to someone like that.

Lady Gaga isn't scared of kids; she likes them a lot, although some may be scared of her.

She does not have any kids (yet)

she isn't scared of kids

NO!! why would she hate kids?

No, she currently does not have any kids.

She said she wants kids too much but she is too busy and she doesn't want to abandon her career.

As a child, Gaga was bullied by other kids :(

If Lady Gaga one day decides she would like to have kids then yes, she will get pregnant.

No, Lady Gaga does not play Moshi Monsters. She is very busy and Moshi Monster is for kids.

Lady GaGa has mentioned several times in interviews that she feels she would make a great mother but is so dedicated to her music right now that having a boyfriend, let alone kids, is not on her mind

no. she's too young for kids.

Yes, she loves kids :)

it's lady gaga if you want a proof you can read it in

Lady isn't married yet but wants to have kids someday in the future.

no she is not married and dont have kids

Lady GaGa wrote song Full Service for New Kids On The Block ft. New Edition.

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