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no they don't... im attending the pasadena division right now and they don't supply that.... what you can do is increase your loan to pay for you own housing... but i wouldn't do that, tuition is high enough... figure something else out... but there is nearby apartments to the main campus... which i also find that wont be so useful after a while because they have you swinging from campus to campus throughout the program... good luck ^_^

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Does Le Cordon Bleu have dorm rooms?

Sorry, but they don't. I'm planning on applying to Le Cordon Bleu in Sydney, Australia in a year, and I'm trying to find a cheap apartment near the campus. I would suggest saving your money for an apartment near the campus. Try to find a cheap one, because if your going though college your not going to be able to find a job easily. The other thing that I would suggest is try to find someone to share the apartment with. Then you don't have to pay so much money. You can just split the cost! I REALLY REALLY hope i helped you!

Can you unlock the rooms in the boy dorm in bully for ps2?

No, you can't the only accesible dorm room is Jimmy's Dorm.

What cheat code do you use to get a dorm in zwinktopia?

just go to dorm rooms and press f5 or cntrl n just go to dorm rooms and press f5 or cntrl n

How many dorm rooms are there in the US?


Does Columbia university have dorm rooms?

Yes, it does.

Do you pay rent for dorm rooms?


What do you the sleeping rooms in a college or public institution?

The rooms or apartments for a college is a "dorm."

How many dorm rooms in US?

how many college rooms are there i the United States

What do you call the rooms in a college that students live in until they finish college?

Dormitory Rooms, or Dorm Rooms for short.

How many dorm rooms are there at Texas Universities?


Do they have dorm rooms at university of Nevada Las Vegas?

Yes, the University of Nevada Las Vegas offers dorm rooms. It is the UNLV Housing & Residential Life department.

What foods to take to dorm rooms?

anything ready to microwave.

How many dorm rooms is in Yale University?


Is there cable tv in college dorm rooms?

depends on the dorm, most likely yes...allong with high speed internet

Does Ohio State University have coed dorm rooms?

The actual rooms are same sex. The floors are co ed.

How much do dorm rooms cost at msu?

they vary from about $250 to $1,500

Do colleges have single dorm rooms for freshmen?

some do it matters on the cllege

How do you get a house on zwinky?

they have changed zwinky so now dorm rooms are free

How much do dorm rooms cost at Texas a and m?

room and board about 8400

What all of the following are types of dorm rooms except?

Fraternities or sororities!!!! :D

How are the dorm rooms furnished in Stanford?

refer to image link posted @ bottom of page ...

How are the Montclair State University dorm rooms?

they are really bad sorry to tell you jk i love them

Do you have to share a dorm in college?

No, many dorms offer single rooms, however, they are often hard to get.

Does seminole state college of Florida dorm rooms?

No, if you are referring to Seminole State College in Florida.

How many dorm rooms does Duke University have?

Enough to house all of their undergraduate students, which is about 6,500.

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