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Yes, Leapfrog does have a lot of different toys for a baby. Here is a link that shows toys for babies up to 12 months old:;jsessionid=210DEECC4CF4C495DF4F3B13645019A4?_dyncharset=UTF-8&_dynSessConf=-8206010828375389208&categoryId=cat10004&q_facetTrail=9004:cat10004:22018:0+to+12+months

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Q: Does Leapfrog have toys for a baby?
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Where can one buy LeapFrog baby toys?

You can get LeapFrog baby toys from a number of outlets. Toy stores or stores with a "mother and baby" section will tend to have them. Failing that, you can always try Amazon or eBay.

What games or activities are available for the baby leapfrog?

Some great baby leapfrog toys include Scout Toys, Learn and Groove Toys, the Shapes and Sharing Picnic Basket, and Lettersaurus. They have some great My First Books as well.

Does Leapfrog have toys for children above the age of 5?

leapfrog provide toys for all certain ages. leapfrog have a variety of toys starting from educations toys to cars.leapfrog decide on the age of the toys.

Learning with Baby Leapfrog?

The Leapfrog brand has been very popular over the last several years for teaching children through the use of exciting and fun educational toys. They have also got a great line of baby leapfrog products. These toys are designed for smaller children and babies and still are created to teach them basic knowledge and skills. By playing with these toys, your baby will be able to learn skills such as letter recognition and early speech skills. Toys from Leapfrog are an awesome way to give your child an early start to their education.

Is 6 months too young for leapfrog baby tad?

No! According to the leapfrog baby tad is made for babies from age 6-36 months! And furthermore, a baby is never too young to start learning!

Target market of leapfrog toys?

Leapfrog toys are meant for both boys and girls. They make different toys that are appropriate for ages from infancy to about ten years.

Where can I buy a Leapfrog Explorer online?

LeapFrog makes a great line of education toys for young children. The LeapFrog Explorer is sold by many toy shops that sell electronic toys including Toys R Us.

What sort of toys are LeapFrog toys?

Leapfrog toys are child friendly, educational toys ranging from tablets to interactive books, sorting to games, each designed to grow and develop your childs education

Which Leapfrog toys would suit an eight year old boy?

There are several different places where one can purchase Leapfrog toys, and where one can find out more about them. The official Leapfrog site is a good place to find out more about Leapfrog toys, while some toy suggestions include the Leapfrog laptop geared towards younger children.

Which retailers offer the best selection of Leapfrog toys?

Many retailers carry Leapfrog toys aimed for children of different ages. Retailers such as Walmart, Best buy and Toys R Us carry a great selection of Leapfrog toys sure to entertain any child. Online retailers such as Amazon and are also a great choice to find a variety of different Leapfrog toys to choose from.

Who sells the leapfrog game toy?

Leapfrog learning toys can be purchased at chain stores like Target, Wal-Mart, K-mart or Toys R Us. You can also find Leapfrog learning toys online at places like or on eBay.

Where can one purchase Leapfrog Globe?

The Leapfrog Globe is available at Toys R' Us and KB Toys. Amazon, eBay, Walmart and Target will also have the Leapfrog Globe. Research the price before you purchase it to get the best deal.

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