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what do you mean? Lebanon ( the country ) is the original place for harissa.

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Does Israel have their own version of Harissa?

There are countless personal recipes for harissa, in Israel it's called harissa.

What is harissa in Arabic?

harissa its the same exact thing :) it is my favorite thing to eat and i am Arabian myself hope this answer worked! :)

What did they eat in medieval Baghdad?


What sauces are classified as miscellaneous sauces?


What is Famous Building in Lebanon?

famous buildings in Lebanon include the ( grand serail ) the marina towers, the platinum towers, the harissa shrine, the murr tower, ancient castles like the two castles of sidon ( earth and sea ) beaufort castle, other places and soon the world's biggest hotel off the coast of beirut.

How many times is Lebanon mentioned in the bible?

The word "Lebanon" is in the King James Version of the Bible 71 times. It is in 64 verses.

Does selena gomez love Lebanon?

Yes, Selena Gomez from her own admission has stated that she loves Lebanon.

Does selena gomez love Lebanon Seriously?

Yes, from her own admission Selena Gomez does seriously love Lebanon.

What is the state that has the capital of Lebanon?

Beirut has its own province in Lebanon called Beirut Province. It is separated from the main province to which it is attached: Jabbal Lubnan (Mountains of Lebanon Province).

What is the paste made from piri piri chilli peppers?


What type of food did Muslims eat during the medieval times?


What is the best touristic places in beirut?

if you like to PARTY the best place for you is gemmayze or monau streets with dozens of bars and clubs. warning; you better be fashionable. there is no racism in Lebanon but there is fashionacism. if your the religious type there are a lot of places but the closest to beirut is the shrine of the queen of Lebanon. harissa in jeita you can get there using the telefrique. for more info go to wiki harissa and from there go to the telefrique website. ( u can find it on wikipedia ) if your the geo type you can go to jeita grotto, best grooto in the entire world. go to wiki for more info and the website of the grotto. downtoen beirut for recreation and the best culinary scene in the middle east. you can get anything from there.( a little expensive though ). for more info go to wikia beirut. or wikipedia tourism in Lebanon.

Was Lebanon part of the Ottoman Empire?

yes before the french mandate was issued. then Lebanon was bordered as its own state and under french colonial rule

How near a cedar of Lebanon can one build a drive?

If it is on your own property as near as you wish.

Is lebanon a peninsula?

No. Lebanon is part of the main structure of the Levant region; it is not a large promontory into the water. There are some cities like Tyre, which have their own mini-peninsulas, but the country as a whole does not.

Is Mount Lebanon in Lebanon?

Mount Lebanon was a province in Lebanon during the ottoman period, the French expanded it to become Lebanon. Currently, Mount Lebanon is one of 6 governorates of Lebanon, and is situated in the middle.

Are Kurdish people from Lebanon Asian like Koreans or white like Turks or their own background?

Their own background. Kurdish people have no connection to Lebanon. They are certainly not "Oriental" in appearance, like the Koreans, and bear much greater similarity to the Persians. They are not ethnically Turkish.

Is Lebanon on the African continent?

No, Lebanon is not in Africa. Lebanon is in Asia.

What are the Major Mountains of Lebanon?

Lebanon has two major mountain ranges, (1) the Mount Lebanon Range and (2) the Anti-Lebanon Mountains. Mount Lebanon is the tallest mountain in Lebanon.

Where is the Lebanon Community in Lebanon located?

The address of the Lebanon Community is: 404 Main, Lebanon, 66952 0067

Are there vampires in Lebanon?

Are there any vampires in mount Lebanon??

Who is fighting the Palestinians?

Primarily their own government, and the governments of the countriesin which they reside ... Jordan, Lebanon, Syria etc. ... are.

Where is the roman temple of baalbek?

It is in the country of present day Lebanon.It is in the country of present day Lebanon.It is in the country of present day Lebanon.It is in the country of present day Lebanon.It is in the country of present day Lebanon.It is in the country of present day Lebanon.It is in the country of present day Lebanon.It is in the country of present day Lebanon.It is in the country of present day Lebanon.

Where is the Lebanon Museum in Lebanon Oregon located?

The address of the Lebanon Museum is: 2345 So Santiam Hwy, Lebanon, OR 97355

Is falafel from Lebanon?

Falafel is a specific cuisine that is common throughout much of the Middle East. It is theorized, yet not substantiated, that falafel originated in Egypt. It is speculated that it was first made by Copts as a replacement for meat during Lent. It then moved to the Levant area, which includes Lebanon. There are substantial differences between each country's version of falafel. For example, Lebanon uses chickpeas rather than fava beans. In summation, falafel is certainly a dish from Lebanon, yet one cannot make the claim that it originated in Lebanon.