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as of yet, Libya has no legislation allowing euthanasia within the country

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What are some facts about euthanasia?

euthanasia is legal in the Netherlands with or without the consent of the patient. Guidelines have been adopted to allow the killing of newborns. Euthanasia is legal in Belgium and Luxembourg

What countries don't allow euthanasia?

mostly every country

Laws about euthanasia?

They differ in different countries. Very few allow it.

What is the punishment of euthanasia?

It depends on which country you are referring to. Some countries allow it in certain circumstances.

Religious views on voluntary euthanasia?

As a strong Catholic Christian I believe euthanasia is completely unacceptable. Only god has the write to choose when you die not yourself or a doctor or the next of kin. _____________________________________________ Islam teachings do not allow practicing euthanasia. It is a sinful act.

Does Israel follow euthanasia?

Perhaps a follower of the Hebrew religion will weigh in on this question, BUT I do not believe that Jews believe in the practice of euthanasia, therefore it is doubtful that Israel would legally allow it.

Did Obama allow the US to bomb Libya without congressional approval?


Is euthanasia legal in Singapore?

Singapore does allow passive euthanasia. They must sign a legal document. Someone trying to commit suicide in Singapore, however, can be punished by being put in jail.

What is the law regarding euthanasia?

Currently in the United States there is no state where euthanasia is legal. The only place where euthanasia is legal is in the Netherlands. In the USA we have Physican assisted suicide, but that is only legal in Oregan and has very strict guidelines. Improvement: After Supreme Court's historic ruling on 7th march, 2011, Passive Euthanasia is now legal in India too. And I heard 3 states of USA allow Physican Assisted Suicide.

Is euthanasia legal in Greece?

No, euthanasia is illegal in Greece.

What are the effects of euthanasia?

DeathEuthanasia will kill the person.

Did legalise the euthanasia Sweden?

Euthanasia is illegal in Sweden.

Do Catholics believe in euthanasia?

Catholics do not believe in euthanasia.

What is euthanasia scientifically?

Euthanasia (from the Greek eu = good + thanatos = death) refers to the practice of ending a life in a painless manner. Many different forms of euthanasia can be distinguished, including animal euthanasia and human euthanasia, and within the latter, voluntary and involuntary euthanasia. Voluntary euthanasia and physician-assisted suicide have been the focus of great controversy in recent years.

What is the difference between active euthanasia and non-active euthanasia?

non active euthanasia is the same as assisted suiside :)active euthanasia is just plain old suiside :)

How do you use euthanasia in a sentence?

Euthanasia is illegal in the United States.

What do doctors feel about euthanasia?

Most doctors are against euthanasia.

Is euthanasia an injection?

An injection of a sleeping drug can be a form of euthanasia.

When was Declaration on Euthanasia created?

Declaration on Euthanasia was created in 1980.

Is euthanasia allowed in China?

Of the few countries where euthanasia is legal, China is not one of them. So no, officially euthanasia is not legal in China.

Is euthanasia so easy?

euthanasia can be as easy as u think but the problem is that it depends on the person who is being treat in terms of euthanasia'

How long has euthanasia been illegal for?

It depends on what country you are asking about. Some nations allow medically assisted death (i.e.: The Netherlands) , and some states in the US also allow it. Therefore it is not illegal everywhere.

What is the definition of euthanasia?

Euthanasia: The ending of life in a painless and humane manner. Some people go abroad to a place that Euthanasia is not banned and they can do it there.

How do you stop euthanasia?

You cant! euthanasia is a method of assisted suicide that is chosen for terminally ill patients the only way to stop euthanasia is not to do it!!

Who started animal euthanasia and why?

Euthanasia is a Greek word meaning good death (about 400 BC). Euthanasia is intended to prevent suffering.