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Does Lil' JJ have a girlfriend?


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Yes he is. In fact he already has one. Her name is Dana.

Lil' JJ practices Christianity.

can we see pictures of lil' jj

Lil' JJ was born on October 31, 1990.

Yes, Lil' JJ has 2 brothers and 1 sister.

No, Omarion and Lil' JJ are not brothers.

lil jj is 18 yeas old here on the 2008

Lil' JJ is 21 years old (birthdate: October 31, 1990).

NO@@!! JJ isn't dating her!

Little Rock, Arkansas For more on Lil JJ, see: http://www.wma.com/lil_jj/summary/ ~ T

Chelsea tavares is my cousin. she tells me that lil' jj is her one of her best,and closest friends.

JJ Reddick does not have a girlfriend because he is married. JJ Reddick is married to Chelsea Reddick. He is a professional basketball player.

My baby JordanHe likes girls with sence,honesty,who likes lil jj for him,like someone he can enjoy,and go places with,If you go out with Lil jj you want it to be all about you and him and have fun,and have a good time and something to remember everytime.

NO,they are not brother's

i thenk jj is soo cute and i love him

No, Lil Twist does not have a girlfriend.

Lil' JJ was born on October 31, 1990.

No he does not, but he does have a myspace.

NO one knows this but JJ hisself, but if like seeing him , you can catch him on Nickoleodon.

Does it matter! I way 54 pounds!

Lil Wayne's current girlfriend is Jenna Carroll.

yes they do and I'm lil king's girlfriend

JJ Watt does not have a girlfriend. He thinks it is most important to spend his time building a football career. He says he does not have time for a social life.

from my best friend lil JJ

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