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Q: Does Louisiana have a law about seatbelts?
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When did seatbelts become law in the UK?


Which law explains why you need to wear seatbelts?

first law of motion

Wearing seatbelts should be a law in the state of Colorado?

It should be, and it is.

What is the basis of law in Louisiana?

The Law is Louisiana is based on the Napoleonic Code

What is the main reason for drivers not wearing their seatbelts?

you have no reason just to not wear it. you have to... its the law\

What year did it become a law to wear seatbelts in the US?

Seatbelt law is state law. Therefore, the year this became law varies from state to state.

Does Louisiana recognize common-law marriage?

No. Louisiana does not recognize common law marriage.

What is the law in the interior plains?

the law is very difficult to subscribe you have to wear seatbelts and don't go past the speed limit

When did wearing seatbelts become a law?

Where? In the US, seatbelt law is state law, and therefore became effective at a different time in each of the 50 states.

Why is it the law to wear a seat belt in cars and trucks and vans?

In the old days seatbelts were optional so most people never wore them. Unfortunately a lot of people died in car accidents. Most people who died in car accidents didn't wear their seatbelts. In the late 80's the government past the law that children had to wear their seatbelts but adults didn't have to. A few months or a few years later they past a law that adults had to wear their seatbelts. Seatbelts save lives but there's still a chance that you can die in a car crash anyway but it reduces your chances by 80%.

Which law says you need to use seatbelts?

It depends which country you are referring to. The precise law would be codified within transport regulations.

What was the first state to require the use of seatbelts a law?

New York, December 1 1984.

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