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Maybe, I do not know.

improvement- I'm not positive but I have a felling that he doesn't

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Why would she love Lucas Grabeel? They're just friends.

he never feel in love with her but i think he feel in love with Ashley tisdale

they love each other but i don't no why they wont tell each other wright Ashley tisdale ask her why then please tell me

Ashley Tisdale because she treat him like a slave and he lets her LOVE IS IN THE AIR !

yes he is so hot go lucas grabeel i love ya

Ashley Tisdale Ashley Tisdale

no Ashley tisdale is just Ashley tisdale not a morman

around about 3 sice 2007 xx love Ashley tisdale

No Im Not Sur But Scott Speer And Ashley Are Dating Love You Ashley Tisdale Your Da Best

um no. i wouldn't want that.

zac is in love with vanessa.yes zac did go out with Ashley tisdale for a while 2 years ago. but now zac and Ashley are close friends.

YESSSSSSSS! abso love em'

hi Ashley im a big fan but where did u audition at? love yr6

no she is not i would know cuz i love love love wwe hope this helped you

Zac has kiss Ashley from Suite life: Odd couples. And no he likes Vanessa! and Ashley is going out with someone else

hey ashley tisdale this is your best fan every i love your song it is so cool and great i love it

no because he is in love with Ashley tisdale

yes she does love him and she did it with him but there is no proof but she told me love from Stella hudgens

Lucas Grabeel. dude i love him he's so cool haha

24 by now , love yah ! be an Ashley fan you'll love her if you are her fan !!

I don't think she would love you if she has no idea who you are :s

im guessing yes? What kind of a question is this anyway?

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