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Is Armor all a silicone spray?

Amorall is a water based silicone spray.

Where can you buy silicone spray?

Any hardware, home center or auto supply store will have silicone spray.

Can you spray suede with silicone?


What type of silicone spray can be used for a rubik's cube?

CRC Silicone is the best type of silicone for rubik's cube

Can you use silicone spray on your Bond knitting Machine?

Most definitely. The silicone sprays are best for the plastic bed machines but not for the metal bed machines. Watch out when you do purchase a silicone spray as some use propane as the propellant which may not be good, read to make sure it is only silicone.

What lubricant do you use for auto window channels?

silicone spray

What do you put on your car door gaskets to prevent ice?

Silicone spray.

Is cake mix poured straight into silicone baking dish or does dish need to be buttered and floured?

Silicone molds do not need to be buttered and floured. It is, however, good to spray a quick little bit of non-stick baking spray just to make it easier. But silicone is designed not to stick.

How do you remove silicone caulking from clothing?

Try some WD-40 spray

What could you use to glue something onto spray foam?

Silicone or PL300.

How do you make plastic shine?

try spraying with a furniture polish/silicone spray.

Is WD-40 a silicone spray?

no its not but it does remove water and repells water

How can you make your car windows roll up and down easily?

spray silicone spray along the window guides. DO NOT SPPRAY WD40.

How do you get nicotine stains off window silicone?

I use Fantastic spray to remove nicotine stains from just about everything... even window silicone seal.

Spray gel or hair spray?

If you are looking for a slick look (circa 1980s Wham! or Saturday Night Fever) I recommend hair gel. Otherwise, I would recommend hair spray.

What dissolves glue?

Silicone spray eg..WD40 and similar...reverses the adhesive properties

Does Silicone clean sticky things from laptop keyboard?

silicone spray did well for me. but i don't know what the long term effect on my keyboard will be. this is a desktop keyboard. laptop keyboard is a very different thing. silicone spray does protect rubber, etc as well as lubricate and is not conductive of electricity. so far, its worked very well.

How do you remove rtv silicone gasket material from the transmission oil pan?

Use CRC Brakleen brake cleaner. Spray it on and the silicone starts lifting right away. On heavy areas spray on small piece of ScotchBrite and it will rub it right off.

Do power window motors lose power as they get older?

No. But friction builds up in the window channels and that puts stress on the motor. Spray the channels with silicone spray or dry teflon lube spray.

Can you make hemp jewelry water resistant?

Silicone water based spray for clothes and shoes

Can you spray lucas oil speedway on a snow board?

if u want

Does spray cause ozone depletion?

Yes, it does. Spray cans contain CFC's.

Does spray paint contain CO2?

Spray paint can contain but does not always contain CO2. This is because some makers use this gas while others use another gas.

How do you prevent salt stains on shoes?

Be more careful with salt. If they are leather use spray silicone sealer

What is best way to remove silicone spray?

typically you want to use a solvent that can dissolve silicone. Heptane and hexane are two of the primary choices for such a task.Non polar solvents are best. T