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Does Mars have liquid water?

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No, it does not. For a planet to have liquid water, it must be the perfect distance from the sun, not so close that it boils away, and not so far that it freezes.
There is no liquid water on Mars, it is generally far too cold and the atmospheric pressure is too low. While there are certain places (near the equator) on Mars that occasionally reach temperatures high enough for liquid water to exist, the atmospheric pressure is so low that any ice on the ground surface would change directly from ice into vapor, which is called sublimation.

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How much of Mars has water?

Mars has no liquid surface water.

Does the water on Mars flow slowly?

There is no liquid water on Mars.

Where might water exist as liquid on Mars?

There is no liquid water now on Mars. There may have been, in the past. Also, there is ice on Mars.

Is there presence of liquid water on Mars?

They had found ice on mars but no sign of a liquid

Did mars have liquid water?


Thought to have had liquid water in the past?

Mars is thought to have had liquid water.

Is there water on Mars or inside Mars?

Yes. But there is only frozen water on Mars, not liquid water like what we drink!

How much water doea mars have?

Mars has no liquid water. For a planet to have liquid water it must be the correct distance from the Sun like Earth.

What is the Water on Mars is made of?

The water on Mars is in ice form, but there is evidence that there was one time liquid water on Mars' surface.

What form is the water on Mars?

It is Liquid

Why can't there be liquid on Mars?

There is liquid on Mars, frozen liquid that is. On the poles of Mars are two ice caps, and guess what ice is made of? That's right water, which is liquid. I don't know who told you there couldn't be liquid on Mars but they are wrong.

How much water is there on Mars?

There is only very small amounts of water in a gas form in the atmosphere and there has been found that there is water in the ice caps on Mars. There is no liquid water on Mars. But ancient Mars is believed to have as much water as Earth does today, in liquid form.

Where does water exist on Mars today?

There are proofed H20 in mars but not in liquid.

Why does Earth have a liquid water supply and Mars does not?

Mars is too cold.

Why does water on mars need to be salty?

Salty water has a lower freezing point than pure water. So, very salty water may have a chance of being liquid on Mars. However there seems to be no liquid water on Mars.

If Mars did have liquid water at one time what happened to it and why?

One popular theory is that when mars lost its atmosphere, the liquid water evaporated into space.

Why were scientists surpised to observe recently formed liquid water channels on mars?

Mars is too cold for liquid water to flow on the planet surface

Do they have grass and water in Mars?

They haven't found grass or liquid water, but they have found ice at the poles of Mars.

Is it true that Mars has liquid water?

No. It is not true. Mars is incredibly cold and all the water there is completely frozen.

What planet do astronomers believe that there is a good chance of liquid water?

Mars scientists found water on. Mars

What are three discoveries made by spacecraft that have been sent to study mars?

1. Mars does not have liquid water on its surface 2. Mars does not have intelligent, complex life 3. Mars did have liquid water on its surface at some time in the past

Where might water be found on Mars?

Water is found at the poles of Mars in the form of ice. This has only been confirmed recently. As for liquid water, there is relatively no atmosphere on Mars and as such ice on the surface does not melt, but turns straight to vapor. So if there is liquid water on Mars it must be blow ground.

How could water be retained on mars without evaporating?

The atmospheric pressure on Mars is so low that liquid water cannot exist there; any liquid would evaporate fairly quickly. The only way to keep water liquid on Mars would be to keep it in a pressurized container.

Is earth the only planet with liquid water?

No it once was believed liquid water one existed on Mars.

Scientists believe it used to have flowing liquid water?

Scientist believe that the planet Mars used to have flowing liquid water. Now, the water on Mars exists almost exclusively as ice.