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yes. one girl and one boy.

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Does Martin Cooper have any kids?

Martin Cooper is the well known inventor of the handheld cellular phone. He has no children, but is known as "the father of the cell phone".

Did Martin Cooper have kids?

No Martin Cooper did not have any kid with Arlene Harris.

How many children does Martin Cooper have?

2 children a daughter and a son

Does martin cooper have children?

yeah 2,1girl,1boy

Does Bradley cooper have children?

No, Bradley Cooper doesn't have any children.

Does Bradley Cooper have any children?

No. Bradley Cooper was married for less than a year to Jennifer Esposito, but he does not have any children.

How rich is Martin cooper?

martin cooper is 61,00020 in his bank martin cooper has 61,002010 in his bang

Does martin cooper have any family at all?


Did martin cooper win any awards?

Not an Oscar.

Do Martin Cooper have any siblings?

yes he does he has 8

Does Bradley Cooper have kids?

No, Bradley Cooper doesn't have any children.

Where was Dr Martin Cooper from?

Martin Cooper is from Chicago, Illinois.

When was Martin cooper born?

martin cooper was born in 1928

Was Martin cooper poor or rich?

Martin Cooper was rich

When did Martin cooper die?

Martin Cooper is Still Alive !

Is Bradley Cooper sterling knight dads?

No. Bradley Cooper does not have any children.

What is the death date of Inventor Martin Cooper?

martin cooper is living

Are there books about Martin cooper?

"Everything Is Wrong": Q&A with Martin Cooper

Did Martin cooper get married?

Martin Cooper did get married to Arlene Harris

Does Cooper Manning have any children?

yes Cooper has three children ...May (girl) Arch (boy) and Heil (boy).

Did martin cooper do any sports from when hes a kid?

i think he did not play any spots

Dr Martin cooper is from which country?

Martin cooper is from Chicago, Illinois is in the usa

Is Martin cooper a inventor?

Yes. Martin Cooper invented the cell phone.

When was Martin Cooper parent died?

It is unknown when Martin Cooper parents died.

What race is Martin Cooper?

Martin Cooper is Caucasian. Martin Cooper is most know for inventing the first cell phone. He did so while working for Motorola.

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