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No; they turned to stone, not snakes. Medusa had snakes for hair.

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How many sides does a hexagon have?


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Why did Medusa want to turn people to stone?

Medusa didn't "want" to do that; it was her nature.

Does Medusa want people to gaze at her?

ya so she can turn em to stonee that not the true answer is no because medusa doesnt even know she could turn people to stone so she went to a cave to hide from previnting people to being turned to stone

Did Medusa want to be a snake monster?

No, Medusa was cursed to be a monster after believing herself to be more beautiful than the goddesses on Mount Olympus.

Does Medusa want people to look at her?

Medusa probably does not care one way or another.

In The Lightning Thief who killed Medusa Percy or his friend?

Percy, Annabeth told him to since he had the better weapon and Medusa didn't want to kill him, just turn him into a statue of stone.

What does Medusa want to do?

well if your talking about the greek medusa then most likely wants to get revenge on athena or just turn basically everyone into stone. hope that helped welcome from kate barrlow

Does Medusa only turn men into stone?

Medusa isn't real But i think that she only turns men into stone not woman because she is a woman and she doesn't want to hurt the woman Also, her blood is deadly. In the original, it was her blood that would turn into scorpions.

What is the lesson being taught in medusa?

The lesson being taught in medusa is that you can't judge a book by its cover and the second answer is some people will do just about anything to get what they want!!!!!!

What is the exposition of The Story of Medusa and Athena?

Medusa was a very beautiful mortal many mortal men wanted her and Gods. One night she was walking and Poseidon(in disguised) chases Medusa. Medusa runs into Athena's temple looking for sanctuary,but Poseidon had his way and abused Medusa.Athena(being a virgin Goddess) looked @ it as Medusa should have been able to protect herself and her virginity turned her into a Gorgon so that no man would ever want her again and would turn man to stone when looked into her eyes.(snake body,hair,tongue but human body and arms) Yes you would think that Athena uncle would to be to blame but Athena is a warrior goddess.

Why do people turn off their cell phones?

People turn off there cell phones because they want to save the battery, it is dead, or because they don't want people calling them.

What snakes are good to keep as pets?

Well it depends. If you want to a snake that eats mice i would get a corn snake but if don't want to feed your snake rodents i would get a ribbon snake, garter snake, or a rough green snake.

Can people turn into flamingos?

no!! whoo actually thinks that people can turn into flamingos or whatever they want? that is so weird. people cant turn into raisins either. the end

What do you do if you find a snake?

if you want to hold a little snake hold it by the tial and the head of the snake

Does Medusa want to be normal or a gorgon?

Most likely she wants to be what she is, a Gorgon.

How do you cook a rattel snake?

Rattlesnake meat can be substituted for almost any meat.The best way to de-bone a snake is if you boil/simmer the entire snake in spices of choice and lemon until the meat is tender and falls off.You can bake, roast, fry, boil/simmer, smoke, grill, stuff or even turn it into a cake!The real question is what you want to turn it into.

Do people want to battle in the turn back cave?

No, people won't want to battle in Turnback Cave, there are no trainers in Turnback Cave.

How do people turn into vampires?

They have to get bitten by one!If you want to be a vampire i suggest you get to searchin! LOLZPeople can't turn into vampires since they are only myth.

Why do people use PCP?

People want an altered reality, it appeals to them. So they turn to drugs.

Can you use lime to get rid of snakes?

Do you want to whack the snake, or is the snake already limp?

Why did medusa want to crush annabeth to dust but keep Percy as a statue?

Medusa used to be Poseidon's girlfriend, so she kept Percy alive because she was still fond of Poseidon

When people die do they turn to something else?

When people die they sometimes do turn to different animales because when there's lots of people who dies they sometimes could pick who they want to be

What does Medusa want Percy to do in The Lightning Thief?

She basically just wants him to get turned into stone.

Does medusa want want to destroy people?

Medusa was said to be a beautiful woman who was having an affair with Poseidon. They met in Athena's temple once and were caught. Athena punished her by turning her into a Gorgan, one of the three terrible monsters with snakes for hair. Nobody knows how she felt about it but she could either be really angry and the answer would be yes or really shamed and the answer would be no.

How you get created people and legends in GM mode on smackdown vs raw 2007?

When you first start there should be three choices, choose the one that says edit available roster and turn on the people you want and turn off the people you don't want.

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