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Yes. In fact most immigrants into Mexico are American. According to the latest census (2010), there were 738,103 American nationals registered as immigrants and living in Mexico.


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THe writer from New Mexico a border state is afraid that immigrants take jobs from minorities.

immigrants clean have to work for people and try to sneak in America then the get sent back to Mexico.

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He is the son of Lebanese immigrants and was born in Mexico City in 1940.

Over 13,696 first-generation, Argentinian immigrants live in Mexico (2010). This number does not include illegal immigrants nor children born in Mexico from Argentinian or Argentinian-Mexican parents.

Most immigrants to America now is Mexico and many latin American countries

Mexico has sent over about 5,000,000 immigrants throughout the 1900's.

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Three fifths of the immigrants on Earth immigrate to the United States. The majority of these immigrants come from Mexico and Canada with a few from Germany.

Of course. Many Chinese immigrants have established their businesses in Mexico, including Chinese restaurants.

For America it is Mexico and is 57%

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Central America makes up the largest group of immigrants coming to Mexico. People from Panama, Costa Rica, Guatemala, and Honduras all come to Mexico.Ê

Mexico did not experience the great depression as heavily as other countries.

If they have emigrated from elsewhere and immigrated to Mexico presumably they did so for a reason and would wish to stay.

Immigration affects Mexico in various ways. When people leave Mexico, there is limited labor force and when immigrants come into Mexico this will cause competition for the limited resources.

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For crop cultivation and farm equipment operation.

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