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Yes. Microsoft Office XP Small Business comes with Word, Excel, Outlook, and Publisher.

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Q: Does Microsoft Office XP Small Business include Microsoft Publisher?
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What are the contents of Microsoft office xp small business 2002?

Microsoft Office XP Small Business comes with Word, Excel, Outlook, and Publisher.

Is Microsoft publisher part of Microsoft office home and student 2010?

No. It is only part of Microsoft Office Small Business, Professional and Professional Plus.

What is the difference between Microsoft Office student and teacher edition and Microsoft business?

You don't get Microsoft Publisher with the student edition

How would you open Microsoft office publisher?

First you would have to have Microsoft Publisher in order to view or edit .pub files. The program Microsoft Publisher can be opened by going to Start->All Programs->Microsoft Office->Microsoft Publisher.

Difference between Microsoft office and Microsoft office publisher?

Publisher is one application. Microsoft Office is a suite of applications. There are various Microsoft Office suites and they contain different combinations of the Microsoft applications.

Microsoft Office is what type of application?

Microsoft Office is a suite of applications for business Productivity. It is an group of software which include Word, PowerPoint, Excel, Outlook, Publisher and Access for Windows PC. If you are planning to buy Microsoft Office then visit our website Digital Software Market.

Does Microsoft Office 2016 Home and Business Have Publisher?

No. It has Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote and Outlook.

What does Microsoft office 2010 include?

It comes with Microsoft word Microsoft Exel Microsoft powerpoint Microsoft Onenote Microsoft Access And Microsoft Publisher That is what is included in the 2010 addition.

How do you convert Microsoft Office Publisher 2007 to Microsoft office publisher 2003?

You can not simply downgrade Microsoft Publisher. In order to install Publisher 2003, you must have the installation media for Publisher 2003. Just save it as a Publisher 2003 file instead of 2007

Should you purchase Microsoft publisher separate from office?

Publisher is part of Office Small Business, Professional and Ultimate. If you are using Office for non-commercial purposes, then it may well be cheaper to buy the Home Student version of Office and buy Publisher separately.

What does the Microsoft Office Enterprise 2007 package include?

Microsoft Office Enterprise 2007 is an office software package and includes the following Microsoft software (2007 version): Access, Word, Excel, Powerpoint, Outlook and Publisher.

Is there a Microsoft office 2007 publisher?


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