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Microsoft Silverlight does not cause viruses. It is used for videos on the Microsoft website, and some other places. Netflix requires you to download it to watch shows and movies on your computer.

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Q: Does Microsoft Silverlight cause viruses
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When was Microsoft Silverlight created?

Microsoft Silverlight was created in 2007.

Can you play Shidonni without installing Microsoft Silverlight?

I am afraid you have to install Microsoft Silverlight to play Shidonni.

Does Microsoft Silverlight cost money to install?

No, Microsoft Silverlight is absolutely 100% free to install.

What is the reason for installing Microsoft Silverlight?

The reason for installing Microsoft Silverlight is to allow Microsoft users a better experience while running more options and programs to enhance their Microsoft experience.

What is Microsoft silverlight program and what is it used for?

all i can say cause im still researching it is that is a software prgram that help with compatiability with other microsoft programs

Where can one download the latest version of Microsoft Silverlight?

You need to go to the Microsoft website. On there you will need to navigate to the Microsoft Silverlight page and then look for the latest version of the software and download it.

What is windows silverlight?

Microsoft Silverlight is Microsoft's alternative to Adobe's video streaming technology (flash) which is used on youtube and many other video websites.

Is Silverlight a safe program?

Microsoft Silverlight is software intended to integrate interactie content, graphics multimedia and animations into a single piece of software for use in web browsers. It is safe to use and can be downloaded directly from the Microsoft website. Please see the related link for the Wikipedia page explaining what Silverlight is and does and for the official Microsoft Silverlight page.

Do you need to install Microsoft silverlight?


What will change if you remove from your computer Microsoft silverlight?

You will not be able to see websites created with silverlight technology which is a big loose bacause only Microsoft uses it. But they also have same websites which can be seen without silverlight. So you loose nothing.

Can you get windows movie maker with Microsoft silverlight?

Check out the link below for more information on Movie Maker and Silverlight.

How do you stream Netflix on Linux?

It is not yet possible to watch Netflix on Linux operating systems because Microsoft Silverlight only runs on Microsoft operating systems. Netflix uses Microsoft Silverlight because of its DRM protection.

Will Microsoft Silverlight work on an Android device?

Microsoft Silverlight currently does not work on Android devices. It will work on OSX and various versions of Windows. The Android developer community is working on it though.

Is Microsoft silverlight compatible with windows 7?


What would Microsoft Silverlight be used for?

Microsoft Silverlight is basically an application that is used to show one many websites one may enjoy or like. This is a good way to be aware of other websites.

How do you use silverlight?

Microsoft Silverlight is a web application framework, similar to Adobe Flash. It can play movies on the internet such as Netflix Instant Play movies

What is Ag Control class?

If it's "AgControl Class" it's Microsoft SilverLight.

What is the purpose of Silverlight?

Silverlight is a plugin from Microsoft that is a lot like Macromedia Flash. If a developer has developed something for their site written with Silverlight instead of Flash, you won't be able to view it without the plugin. There are many features that Silverlight has that Flash does not, however, Flash is still the more popular of the two plugins. For more information on Silverlight, browse the links in the 'Related Links' section.

Is Microsoft Silverlight for Windows XP?

Silverlight will work for xp w/ service pack 2. it is unclear if it will work with plain xp or xp with service pack 1.

How do you delete Microsoft silverlight?

Go to Control PanelDepending on your operating system go to either uninstall programs or add/remove programsLocate Microsoft Silverlight in the listSelect Microsoft SilverlightClick the button that says uninstallFollow the promptsNote: Many websites use silverlight in order to display special content and you will likely end up needing to reinstall it later.

Does Microsoft's new SilverLight product support the development of multimedia Web applications?

fcuk this class

What is Microsoft silverlight?

Microsoft Silverlight is a framework for creating web pages with better support for multimedia, animation and interactivity than what is common on the internet today. It can be considered a more modern version of Adobe's Flash.Other frameworks with similar functionality are Adobe AIR and JavaFX.See related Wikipedia-link.Microsoft Silverlight is a free web-browser plug-in. It is a tool for creating and delivering Internet applications and media experiences.

Does Silverlight runs on Unix Linux Windows and Mac OS X?

Yes it does. Microsoft releases version for Windows and Mac OS X operating systems. While for Unix and Linux there is open source alternative called Moonlight. It is not fully compatible with latest version of Microsoft released Silverlight.

What has the author Steven Fox written?

Steven Fox has written: 'Professional Microsoft SharePoint 2007 development using Silverlight 2.0' -- subject(s): Computer Technology, Intranets (Computer networks), Microsoft SharePoint (Electronic resource), Nonfiction, OverDrive, Silverlight (Electronic resource)

What happens if you delete Microsoft silverlight from your computer?

if you delte Microsoft silverligth from your computer itds goin to tur in black it your hard disc it goin to hava a damage