Infant Mortality Rate

Does Mississippi have the highest Infant Mortality Rate in the nation?

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Latvia is the nation with the highest infant mortality rate in the developed world, with a rate of 6/1,000(deaths/live births) in 2006. The United States, Slovakia, Hungary, Poland and Malta come in at 5/1,000.

the characteristics of a underdeveloped nation is that they have a higher infant mortality,a low gdp (per ca-pita), and a bad economi.

which nation rueld east of the mississippi river in 1763

The Spanish Nation is the nation that claimed the land west of the Mississippi River! :)

France controlled the Mississippi river in 1754.

The University of Florida has the highest one night stands in the nation. The Virginia Tech Hokies has the highest couple percentage in the nation. The East Carolina Pirates have the highest STD percentage in the nation.

Yes, Roxbury Latin has the highest SAT scores in the nation, with an average of 2230 out of 2400

its 18.7 and its the lowest in the nation

highest rank in the world is : SECRETARY GENERAL OF UNITED NATION

The People's Republic of China has the highest population with India as second

The highest authority in the nation is the US Constitution. It forms the basis of the government, determines which of the laws are legal, and protects the rights of the American people.

India has the highest population density, while China has the highest population.

in the 18th century. Native Americas from Georgia, Mississippi, and Alabama. :):):):):)in the 18th century. Native Americas from Georgia, Mississippi, and Alabama. :):):):):)

Low infant mortalityHigh life expectancyGood medical facilitiesGreat sanitationHigh standard of livingHigh levels of labour productivityLow level of unemployment and under employmentTechnologically advancedHigh Literacy rateMore agriculture productivity

The highest teen pregnancy rate or statistics in the Nation (USA) is Mississippi. Through the ages 15-19 (whom are pregnant): 103,00.Whom which gave birth: 71,00 0f 103,00.

According to the National Assessment of Educational Progress (NEAP) which administers those required standardized tests across the nation, Massachusetts has the highest test scores, and has for years. Vermont is number 2 and Mississippi is last on the list. Texas comes in at 35th and Alabama at 45th.

Depends on the nation. Premier, president, are usually used.

Mississippi is nicknamed The Magnolia State and is the 32nd largest state in the nation. The three largest cities in Mississippi are Jackson, Gulfport, and Southaven.

I would say the Mississippi River.

The statehood ranking date of Mississippi is December 10, 1817. It was the 20th state added to the new nation of the United States.

Niger has the highest birthrate of any nation at over 7 births per woman.

-high income per capita -high human development index (HDI) -high gross domestic product (GDP) per capita -more energy consumption -produce and trade more consumer goods -higher literacy rate -longer life expectancy -lower infant mortality rate -infrastructure